Maxell 396 SR726W 1 Battery

Maxell 396 SR726W 1 Battery

Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$4.35
Weight0.003 lbs.
ChemistrySilver Oxide
Mfg #396
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Superior Maxell 396 SR726W SR726W Micro Silver Oxide 1 Battery 396

Dimensions 7.9mm Diameter x 2.6mm Height

Superior Maxell Micro Silver Oxide 396 SR726W is completely interchangeable with 397 SR726SW

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Do not use (inherently low performing) alkaline batteries in place of silver oxide in any timepiece.

Made in Japan
Genuine Maxell Hologram Anti-Counterfeit Packaging (other package is not genuine)
1.55 volts 33 mAh
Mercury Free

The 396/397 is a long life silver oxide chemistry with non-declining power output; alkaline batteries of the same 1.5 voltage start at 1.5 and at the half life are at .8 volts, silver oxide start at 1.55 volts and maintain the voltage until expiring. This is why silver oxide batteries are always used in watches, insulin pumps and sniper scopes or mission critical situations. Never use alkaline batteries for any device requiring a steady constant voltage. A watch with declining voltage cannot give the correct time.

Fits and Replaces: This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition Handbook "Battery Number System". This Battery is cross-referenced as: AWCI S17: Energizer 397/396, Energizer 396/397, Energizer MD396, Energizer MD397, Union Carbide 396, Union Carbide 397, Union Carbide 396/397, Union Carbide 397/396, UCAR 397/396, UCAR 396/397, UCAR MD396, UCAR MD397, Eveready 397/396, Eveready 396/397, Eveready MD396, Eveready MD397, Citizen 280-52, Duracell D396/D397, Duracell D397/396, Duracell 10R102, Mallory D396/D397, Mallory D397/396, Mallory 10R102, Gold Peak GP96, Sylva-cell GP96, Maxell SR726SW, Maxell SR726W, Panasonic SP396, Panasonic SR726W, National SP396, National SR726W, Rayovac 396, Rayovac 397, Rayovac RW411, Renata 396, Renata 397, Renata 29, Seiko SR/TR726W, Seiko SB-BL, Sony SR726W, Sony SR726SW, Sony 396, Sony 397, Energytec SR726W, Energytec SR726SW, Energytec 396, Energytec 397, Toshiba SR726SW, Toshiba SR726W, Toshiba W2M, Toshiba D2M, Varta V396, Varta V397, Varta 556

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