Cordless Phone Replaces 3.6 volt 1000 mAh NiMH CPH-463

Cordless Phone Replaces  3.6 volt 1000 mAh NiMH  CPH-463
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BrandEmpire Scientific
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Cordless Phone Battery Replacement 3.6 volt 1000 mAh NiMH. 1 year factory warranty.

Fits and replaces: DAA850X3 3.6V Bell South D933 BellSouth D933 Lenmar CB0980 SBC368B BELL SOUTH D271, D936, D937, CIDCO D93X CIDO CL990 Cido CIDCO CL990 CIDCO CL991 60AAS3B1Z, 60AAS3BZ, 728900019602, 85AAS3BV1Z, CL940, CL980, CL990, CL991, CL992, D271, D933, D936, D937, DAA850X3, E272, E9005, STB926 E9010, E9020, E933, E937, GP GP60AAS3B1Z, GP60AAS3BZ, GP85AAS3BV1Z, NORTEL ALSO AASTRA TELECOM CL980, Pacific Bell CL980, Panasonic 23962, Radio Shack 23962, 9601880, Southwestern Bell CL, 980, FF980, Empire CPH-463, CPH463, CPH-464, CPH 463, CPB-463, CPB463, CPB 463. Also croses to the 600 mAh CIDCO CL908. . CIDCO D937, GP GP85AAS3BV1Z, CIDCO E2400, CIDCO D936, CIDCO E9005, CIDCO E9010, CIDCO E9020, CIDCO E937, CIDCO DAA850X3, CIDCO E933, CIDCO E272, CIDCO D271, CIDCO CL992, CIDCO CL991, CIDCO CL990, CIDCO CL940, CIDCO 85AAS3BV1Z, CIDCO 728900019602, BELL SOUTH D937, BELL SOUTH D936, BELL SOUTH D271, CIDCO D933, STB980

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