Cordless Phone Battery 3/280 300CLXNICD CPB-401X

Cordless Phone Battery 3/280 300CLXNICD CPB-401X
Cordless Phone Battery 3/280 - 3.6v 280mAh NiCD
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A Cordless Phone Battery 3/280 3.6Vs 280mAh CPB-401x. 6 month warranty. Verify the polarity before ordering.

Fits and replaces: Recoton W507 176401A PCC04 Excursion 6000 5400 Marantz 5400 3/300CLXNIMH GP208BVK Opitimus Radio Shack 900 Mhz wireless headphone 33-1145.

W500 Recoton Wireless Headphone has been reported to use the same connector but with opposite polarity as ours; check polarity on plug to match. If ours is reversed snip off your old one and splice onto our fresh battery wires. DO NOT USE IN W500 UNLESS YOU CONFIRM CORRECT POLARITY AND MAKE CHANGE. iF YOU USE THE BATTERY WITH WRONG POLARITY IT CAN EXPLODE AND CATCH ON FIRE. We have sold many of our CPB-401X for use in the W500 with no problems but we just got our first customer who's W500 model had reversed polarity and the battery exploded due to the polarity being reversed and this means there are more out there and our precautions MUST be observed for your safety.

Advent 3318802 Headset, GP280BVKX3.

We custom produce this in higher longer lasting and better chemistry NiMH 300 mAh. Some customers report this battery connector does not work. You can easily snip off the old connector and splice onto the new battery making sure to splice positive to positive and negative to negative and wrap the splice with tape. This is the fastest and lowest cost solution to a replacement battery for the headset. The manufacturer may change the design and changes the connectors without notice. 176401 A 3/280 3.6 VOLTS 280

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