Icom IC-F3GT Replacement Battery BNH-BP210

Icom IC-F3GT Replacement Battery BNH-BP210
7.2v 1450mAh Nickle Metal Hydride Rechargeable Icom IC-F3GT Replacement Battery
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$49.93
Weight3 lbs.
BrandEmpire Scientific
Mfg #BNH-BP210
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Dispose of ethically. NiMH batteries can be charged or "topped-off” at any time without affecting battery life. In order to achieve optimum performance from NiCd batteries, they must be fully discharged before recharging. Unlike NiCd batteries, NiMH has No Memory Effect. NiMH batteries have no Cadmium added. Cadmium is hazardous to the environment. 

Icom IC-F3GT Replacement Battery BNH-BP210

  • Length: 2.3"
  • Width: 1.15"
  • Height: 1.95"

Fits and Replaces:

  • Icom BP210
  • Icom BP-210
  • Icom BP-210N
  • Icom IC21
  • Icom IC21S
  • Icom IC30GT
  • Icom IC40GT
  • Icom IC4GT
  • Icom IC-A24
  • Icom IC-A6
  • Icom IC-F11
  • Icom IC-F11S
  • Icom ICF21
  • Icom IC-F21
  • Icom IC-F21BR
  • Icom IC-F21GM
  • Icom ICF21S
  • Icom IC-F21S
  • Icom IC-F30
  • Icom IC-F30GS
  • Icom IC-F30GT
  • Icom IC-F31GS
  • Icom IC-F31GT
  • Icom IC-F3FGX
  • Icom IC-F3GS
  • Icom ICF3GT
  • Icom IC-F3GT
  • Icom IC-F40   
  • Icom IC-F40GS
  • Icom IC-F40GT
  • Icom IC-F41GS
  • Icom IC-F41GT
  • Icom IC-F4GS
  • Icom ICF4GT
  • Icom IC-F4GT
  • Icom IC-FGS
  • Icom IC-U82
  • Icom IC-V8
  • Icom IC-V82

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