Sky Golf SG5 Replacement Battery $23.99 PDA-232LI

Sky Golf SG5 Replacement Battery $23.99 PDA-232LI
3.7v 1050mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Sky Golf SG5 Replacement Battery
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$23.99
Weight.25 lbs.
Mfg #PDA-232LI
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Rechargeable Lithium-Ion. Dispose of ethically. USPS bans any international shipments of Lithium-Ion Batteries. UPS & FEDEX ban air shipment of these chemistries.

A word to the wise; do not let any rechargeable battery lie fallow with no electrical pulses and expect to find a healthy battery ready for use. All rechargeable batteries self discharge and when allowed to become inert often never recover.

Sky Golf SG5 Replacement Battery PDA-232LI
This is a high quality replacement for the original factory battery. This premium quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery is flown In fresh from the factory. Outstanding Quality with One year factory warranty.Fast charging and will last up to 12 hours.


  • Length:1.7" (43.18mm)
  • Width:1.3" (33.02mm)
  • Height: 0.4" (10.16mm)

Fits and Replaces:

  • Sky Golf 0002-1050
  • Sky Golf BAT-0002-1050
  • Sky Golf SG5
  • Sky Golf Ski Caddie SG5 and Dantona Industries have no affiliation with Sky Golf. Dantona Industries, Inc. is not affiliated in any way with any of the batteries sold to replace the original equipment product by Sky Golf on this web site and have not been sponsored or approved by any of such manufacturers. Any trademarks or model numbers listed in this catalog are identified for compatibility or cross-reference purposes only.

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