SONY BP-T23 Replacement Battery - NIMH 3.6V 1200mAh - CPH-483

SONY BP-T23 Replacement Battery  - NIMH 3.6V 1200mAh - CPH-483
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Weight0.25 lbs.
BrandEmpire Scientific
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A SONY BP-T23 Replacement Battery - NIMH 3.6V 1200mAh - CPH-483

Made by Empire Scientific as a replacement for the OEM battery equal or better. PWR : 3.6 Volts 1200 mAh
SIZE: 2.1"L x 1.69"W x 0.62"H

Fits and Replaces:
VT9108 Sony SPP ID975 ATT 9002 AT&T 9002 23271 Radio Shack 23271 AT&T 3470 ATT 3470 VTECH910ADL VTECH 910ADL VTech 9105 80 41 34 00 00 8041340000 1920C EXS 9960 ATT 9110 AT&T 9110 22250X, 22251X, 3470, 80-3328-00-03, 80-4032-00-00, 80-1280-00-00, 9050, 9105, 910ADL, 9110, 912ADLc, 914ADLi, 915ADL, 916ADLi, 917ADX, 918ADX, 920ADL, 921ADL, ADL BATTERY, BP-T23, BT-23, CL-905, CL-960ID, CL-980ID, FT-3806, FT-3808, FTH-916, FT-H916BK, FT-H918, FTH-986, FT-H986BK, FT-H988, SPP-10910, SBT-915, SBT915, SPP-900, SPP-910, SPP-930, SPP-935, SPP-940, SPP-A945, SPP-A972, SPP-A973, SPP-ID910, SPP-ID970, SPP-ID975, SPP-IM977, SPP-IM982, SPP-M920, SPP-M932, SX-2007, TEL-1215, TEL-620, TEL-813, TEL-909, TRB-9100, VT1900, VT1901, VT1910C, VT1910C, VT1911, VT1920C, VT1921, VT1930C, VT1930C, VT1940, VT1961, VT1970Ci, VT2910C, VT2910C, VT2920C, VT2950Ci, VT2960Ci, VT9000, VT9000, VT9060i, Energizer P-7310 AT&T 9002, AT&T 9050, AT&T 9105, AT&T 9110, AT&T 9200, Lucent 9002, Lucent 9050, Lucent 9105, Lucent 9105, Lucent 9110, Lucent 9110, Lucent 9200, Lucent 9200, Philips CL-8400, Philips CL-8410, Sharp CL-905, Sharp CL-9801ID, Sharp CL-980ID, Sharp CL-981ID, Sony SPP-900, Sony SPP-930, Sony SPP-930B, Sony SPP-935, Sony SPP-A940, Sony SPP-A941, Sony SPP-A972, Sony SPP-A973, Sony SPP-ID910, Sony SPP-ID970, Sony SPP-M920, Sony SPP-M932, Sony SPP-M937, Toshiba FT-3806, Toshiba FTH-916BK, Toshiba FTH-986BK, Toshiba FTX-988, Toshiba SX-2007, V-Tech 24117, V-Tech 910ADL, V-Tech 910ADL, V-Tech 910VDL, V-Tech 912ADLc, V-Tech 914ADLi, V-Tech 915ADL, V-Tech 916ADLi, V-Tech 917ADX, V-Tech 920ADL, V-Tech VT-1711, V-Tech VT-1721, V-Tech VT-1900, V-Tech VT-1901, V-Tech VT-1910c, V-Tech VT-1920c, V-Tech VT-1930cx, V-Tech VT-1932, V-Tech VT-1940, V-Tech VT-1962, V-Tech VT-1970cl, V-Tech VT-2910C, V-Tech VT-2920C, V-Tech VT-2960cl, V-Tech VT-9000, V-Tech VT-9000, V-Tech VT-9060i, V-Tech VT-9060i, V-Tech VT-9111, V-Tech VT-9115, V-Tech VT-9115, V-Tech VY-921ADL, V-Tech VY-921ADL


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