Maxell SR927SW 395 Box of 100 - 20 Strips of 5 Batteries

Maxell SR927SW 395 Box of 100 - 20 Strips of 5 Batteries
Maxell SR927SW 395 Box of 100 - 20 Strips of 5 Batteries
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$119.99
Weight0.3438 lbs.
ChemistrySilver Oxide
Mfg #395
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Superior Maxell SR927SW Maxell 395 SR927W Micro Silver Oxide Blister Box of 100 . 20 Strips of 5 batteries.
Anti-counterfeit hologram packaging
Mercury free
Dimensions: 9.5mm Diameter x 2.73mm Height
Made in Japan
All genuine Maxell batteries have date of manufacturer in tiny code on side of battery
1.55 volts, 55-57 mAh
There is no difference between 395 and 399, they are completely interchangeable: SR926W, SR926SW, SR927SW, SR927W. Caution required in using (inherently low performing) alkaline batteries in place of silver oxide in any timepiece.

Fits and Replaces: This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition Handbook "Battery Number System". This Battery is cross-referenced as: AWCI S19, Energizer 395/399, Energizer 395, Energizer 399, Eveready 395/399, Eveready 395, Eveready 399, UCAR 395, UCAR 399, UCAR 395/399, Citizen 280-44, Duracell D395, Duracell D399, Mallory 395, Mallory 399, Gold Peak GP99, Sylva Cell GP99, Maxell SR927W Maxell SR926W, Panasonic SP399, Panasonic SP395, Panasonic SR927W, Panasonic SR926W, National SP395, National SP399, National SR927W, National SR926SW, Rayovac 395, Rayovac 399, Rayovac RW413, Renata 395, Renata 399, Renata 35, Seiko SR927W, Seiko TR927W, Seiko SR926W, Seiko TR926W, Seiko SB-BP, Seiko SB-EP, Seizaiken SR927W, Seizaiken TR927W, Seizaiken SR926W, Seizaiken TR926W, Seizaiken SB-BP, Seizaiken SB-EP, Sony SR927W, Sony SR926W, Sony 395, Sony 399, Energytec SR927W, Energytec SR926W, Energytec 395, Energytec 399, Toshiba SR927W, Toshiba SR926W, Toshiba W2L, Toshiba D2L, Varta V395, Varta 399, Varta 543, G7, AG7

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