Toshiba T2100 Laptop Replacement Battery - 12 Volts 4000 mAh - LAP-142

Toshiba T2100 Laptop Replacement Battery - 12 Volts 4000 mAh - LAP-142
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A Toshiba 411258 T2100, T2110, T2150, T2155 Laptop Replacement Battery - PA2437

Power: 12 Volts 4000 mAh
Type: NiMH
Dimensions: 175.10 x 70.20 x 18.70 (mm)

Replaces: The following Toshiba battery part numbers: PA2435, PA2435U, PA2435UR, PA2437, PA2437U, PA2437UR, PA2439, PA2439U, PA2439UR

Fits: The following Toshiba Laptops: T100, T105, T110, T115, T200, T205, T220, T225, Toshiba T2100, Toshiba T2105, Toshiba T2110, Toshiba T2115, Toshiba T2130, Toshiba T2135, Toshiba T2150, Toshiba T2100CDS, Toshiba T2100CDT, Toshiba T2100CS, Toshiba T2100CT, Toshiba T2105CS, Toshiba T2105CT, Toshiba T2110CS, Toshiba T2110CT, Toshiba T2115CS, Toshiba T2115CT, Toshiba T2130CS, Toshiba T2130CT, Toshiba T2135CS, Toshiba T2135CT, Toshiba T2150, Toshiba T2150CDS, Toshiba T2150CDT, Toshiba T2155, Toshiba T2155CDS, Satellite 100, Satellite 100CS, Satellite 100CT, Satellite 105CS, Satellite 110CS, Satellite 110CT, Satellite 115CS, Satellite 200, Satellite 200CDS, Satellite 200CDT, Satellite 205, Satellite 205CD, Satellite 205CDS, Satellite 210, Satellite 210CD, Satellite 210CDS, Satellite 215, Satellite 215CD, Satellite 215CDS, Satellite 215CS, Satellite 2135CT, Satellite T2155CDT, Satellite T2105, Satellite Pro 100CS, Satellite Pro 100CT, Satellite Pro 105CS, Satellite Pro 110CS, Satellite Pro 110CT, Satellite Pro 115CS, Satellite Pro 200, Satellite Pro 200CDS, Satellite Pro 205, Satellite Pro 205CDS, Satellite Pro 2135CT, Satellite Pro T2100, Satellite Pro T2100CS, Satellite Pro T2100CT, Satellite Pro T2105, Satellite Pro T2105CS, Satellite Pro T2105CT, Satellite Pro T2110CS, Satellite Pro T2115CS, Satellite Pro T2130CS, Satellite Pro T2130CT, Satellite Pro T2135CS, Satellite Pro T2150CDS, Satellite Pro T2150CDT


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