PX625 1.5 Volt. Alkaline, Same As LR9, PX13 - Pack of Thirty (30) Battteries

PX625 1.5 Volt.  Alkaline, Same As LR9, PX13 - Pack of Thirty (30) Battteries
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Pack of 15 Batteries> In individual Bags.

1.5 VOLT ALKALINE. Diameter: 15.25 mm. Height: 6.02 mm. This alkaline battery replaces the outlawed and discontinued mercury PX625 1.35 volt. This PX625 alkaline has 1.5 volts so use in cameras designed for the 1.35 volt mercury requires camera adjustments for the slightly higher voltage.


Fits and replaces: UCAR EPX 625 UCAR EPX625 Union Carbide EPX13 PX625A Varta 625 U Varta 625U PX625A V625VX BATT 625 Exell Z625PX PX 625 A Varta V626 Varta V626U Varta V626 U PX13 WIEN PX625 VARIA 625 U PX625S A625PX EPX13 EPX 13 Canon FTb QL 35mm SLR Canon TLb 35mm SLR EXP 625 WESTON XM2 625XP Varta V 625 U V625PX Varta V625U Varta 625U Mallory PX13 PX625 Yashica Lynx 14 Minolta SRT101 UCAR EPX13 GossenLuna Pro Exposure Meter Varta 3/60DK WAC5275 Mallory PX13 mercury no longer made Canon F1 this is a slightly higher voltage than old 1.35 outlawed mercury EPX625 MINOLTA SRT102 used the old outlawed 1.3 mercury; some camera users report this 1.5 will also work but check before ordering if the slight higher voltage will work properly, PHO0215 IEC MR 9 1.35V BATTERY, 625A BUTTON CELL, CANON FTB CANON FTB 35mm, S625PX, V 625 U, Varta V625U, LR9, LR 9, LR09, PX625A, D625, EPX625G, V625U, KA625, RPX625A, V625U, EPX625BP, Kern-Paillard Lens Light Meter Bolex Camera, Cannon 35 MM camera Model F-1, Cannon 35 MM camera Model F1, Gossen Luna Pro Exposure Meter, Zinc Air Z625 1.4 v, E625G, PX625A, V625U, PX13, MR9, IEC MR 9, MR09, EPX625, H-D, HD, EPX625 EVERREADY, EPX 625 EVERREADY, RPX625, KX615, HD1560, 625PX, 1124MP, RM-625R, E625N, HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13, V625PX, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, M01, M20, 8930.

Olympus 35SP, Vinnic L1560, 625, PX625, PX625AB, PX625, Eveready EPX625, EPX625BP, D625 Duracell, Panasonic H-D, Vinnic L1516, Kodak KX625, Varta V625PX, Rayovac RPX625, Toshiba MR9, AWI M01, Neda 1124MP, IEC MR9, M20, PX13, 8930, LR9, PX625, 625A, EPX625G, KA625, LR-9, PX625, PX625A, V625U. THIS BATTERY Replaces OUTLAWED MERCURY CELLS. Topcon uni SLR camera.

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