Camcorder Replacement Battery 2200 mAh BLI-166 Hitachi, RCA

Camcorder Replacement Battery 2200 mAh BLI-166 Hitachi, RCA
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A Camcorder Replacement Battery 2200 mAh, Lithium Ion chemistry, 7.2 volts BLI-166 Hitachi, RCA Free Ship USA. One year factory warranty.

Fits and replaces these models: Fuji VM-BPL30A, Fuji VMBPL60A, Hitachi VEM545LA, Hitachi VLH-100L, Hitachi VM-,955LA, Hitachi VM-H945LA, Hitachi VM835LA, Hitachi VMBP502, Hitachi VMBPL13, Hitachi VMBPL13A, Hitachi VMBPL27A,, Hitachi VMBPL30A, Hitachi VMBPL60A, Hitachi VMD975LA, Hitachi VME340A, Hitachi VME455LA, Hitachi 530A, Hitachi VME535LA, Hitachi VME540A, Hitachi VME555LA, Hitachi VME565, Hitachi VME635A, Hitachi VME635LA, Hitachi VME645LA, Hitachi VME755LA, Hitachi VME855LA, Hitachi VMH35LA, Hitachi VMH640A, Hitachi VMH665LA, Hitachi VMH675LA, Hitachi VMH755LA, Hitachi VMH835LA, Hitachi VMH855LA, Hitachi VMH945LA, Hitachi VMH955LA, Panasonic AG-BP25, ProScan CC-HIT555, ProScan CC-HIT566, ProScan CC-HIT577, ProScan HIT 555, ProScan HIT 566, ProScan HIT 577, ProScan PRO 598, ProScan PRO 698H, ProScan PRO 898LH, ProScan PRO 998LH, RCA BB-65L, RCA CC-8251, RCA PRO 598, RCA PRO 698H, BLI-166, BLI166. This battery is of equal or greater value than the Original Manufacturer Battery.

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