Easy DIY Kit Complete Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-51

Easy DIY Kit Complete Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-51
Easy DIY Kit Complete Genuine Fresh Citizen Capacitor 295-51

with Anti-Static Tweezers and Anti-Static Finger Cots - Single Capacitor MT621 Type
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OUR COMPLETE DO IT YOURSELF KITS Containing these user replaceable GENUINE FACTORY capacitors can save you some serious time and money. You get one single capacitor per kit. 295.51

Thousands of Smart seniors, moms, students and dads have successfully installed our complete kits! YOU CAN TOO!

These Capacitors can be used with Citizen, Miyota, Seiko, Hittori and Casio Watches. Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct battery/capacitor; please match up the first four characters (ex. 5M22, 5J32, 7820) of your movement on the list below. Your movement number can usually be found on the the case back of your watch or on the movement itself INSIDE YOUR WATCH CASE. Please make sure to verify the model/movement number carefully and remember we are always here to answer any questions you might have. For questions call us anytime at 800-824-4899 or 305-238-7200.

" Capacitors are storage devices and do not come already fully charged; there will be only a minimal factory charge. The customer needs to charge the watch after inserting the capacitor, either by oscillating motion or a Seiko Kinetic Recharger, or using a cool light source for 10-12 hours for the best charge. They cannot not be tested - a regular battery tester will not give an accurate reading and can permanently damage the cell. Most of the time, the capacitor itself is not defective. Sometimes the brass connector may not be attached perfectly and may be the problem " Most retail battery stores or jewelry stores have never seen a rechargeable watch battery and may try to replace with a standard button cell which is a mistake. They may also test the capacitor and think it should be 1.55 volts like standard silver oxide button cell watch batteries; which is another mistake.

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