Genuine Casio Capacitor CTL-920F X14547 No tags or connectors Anti-Static Tweezers X-14547

Genuine Casio Capacitor CTL-920F  X14547 No tags or connectors Anti-Static Tweezers X-14547
MT920 replacement rechargeable battery.
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A Genuine Citizen Capacitor used by Casio CTL-920F or CTL920F with no tags or connectors with Anti-Static Tweezers and Finger Cots - CTL920, MT920 and CTL920F are the same by Panasonic Japan.

Please keep these shiny child-attracting silver batteries stored safely away from children: dangerous if swallowed!

OUR KITS Citizen Caliber 4110 Citizen 4110 Containing these user replaceable GENUINE FACTORY capacitors can save you some serious time and money. One capacitor per kit.

Please do not use a battery tester or volt ohm meter as these very low volt cells can be ruined by testing. Please do not handle with your fingers as static electricity, body oil and contaminants can ruin the cell. Please only handle with plastic tweezers or wear nitrle or non-powered gloves. 30 day warranty. If you use a watch repair shop and they mishandle the capacitor and ruin it then say it is bad we will not warranty it.

FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED. Please note that the CTL920 is the basic battery or capacitor engine for 5 different configurations; look at all the search results for the CTL920 and eyeball match to verify and confirm if you have any doubts. This CTL920 has No Brass Tags or Connectors Why waste money taking your watch to a repair shop when you can do it yourself. These capacitors may resemble a battery but their function is very different. The capacitors on the kinetic oscillator watches recharges just by body movement while the capacitors on the solar cell watches are powered by all sources of light.


Voltage: 1.5 Volts Composition: Lithium Titanium Capacitor Dimensions: Diameter:9.5 mm Height: 2.0 mm


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