CR2430 Tray OEM of 120 Pieces - CR2430

CR2430 Tray OEM of  120 Pieces   - CR2430

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CR2430 Tray OEM of 120 Pieces

The USPS announced 5.16.12 10 AM EST No international shipments of any lithium batteries are allowed. Please do not order if you are outside the USA.

- CR2430. Dimensions : 24.5 mm diameter x 3.0 mm height 3 volt 290 mAh.

This is from the American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute 1998-2010 Edition Handbook on Battery Number System.

Fits and replaces: Dura DL2430 Scale Master Plus Digital Plan Measure SMP v1.5 3391 3VCR2430 CP2430 Oceanic Geo Computer Duracell 2430 Sony CR2430 CR2430 S810i Polar Watch S3 Foot Pod G2 GPS Pod Suunto Advisor Metron Wristtop Computer Sanyo CR2430 DL2430 SANYO 2430 Sanyo, Scalemaster digital plan measure, XLander Suunto, Suunto X Lander, Segways Model I 2, Segways Model X 2, Segway Model I 2, Segway Model X 2, Segways Model I2, Segways Model X2, Segway Model I2, Segway Model X2, Polar E200 heart rate monitor and watch, Emerson Research AM\FM Clock Radio CKS2237, DURACELL DL2430B, 3V DL2430B Duracell, Sabine AX-2000W Guitar Tuner, AWI L20, Energizer ECR2430, DL2430B DURACELL, Duracell DL2430, Maxell CR2430, Panasonic CR2430, Renata CR2430, Toshiba CR2430, Varta CR2430, IEC CR2430, cks1855 Emerson Research. Also fits: Suunto watch, model Vector.

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