New Energy CR2320 - Pack of 5 Batteries

New Energy CR2320 -  Pack of 5 Batteries

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New Energy BR2320 -  Pack of 5 Batteries

The USPS announced 5.16.12 10 AM EST No international shipments of any lithium batteries are allowed. Please do not order if you are outside the USA.

Lithium CR2320 same as BR2320 3 volt 120 mAh. The dimensions of the battery are 23mm diameter x 2mm height.

DW5000 QW240 DW5200C QW240 DW5200C(KM) DW5400C DW5500C This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition Handbook on Battery Number System. This Battery is cross-referenced as:CASIO S830 MODULE QW140 AWI L26, Lith-30, Energizer ECR2320, Maxell CR2320, Panasonic CR2320, Rayvo CR2320, Renata CR2320, Sony CR2320, Toshiba CR2320, Varta CR2320, IEC CR2320, DL2320, BR2320, KL2320, L2320, ECR2320, KCR2320, E-CR2320, KECR2320, L26

Fits and replaces: Casio GShock DW5600C Casio Module No. 691 Casio Module 691 Casio Model 691 Casio 691 Renata 2320 Casio H110 Casio Module No. 106 Casio Module 106 Casio 106 Casio Model 106 Casio Marlin Alarm Chronograph Model W150 H101 Module 106 Casio Model 106 Casio Model 248 Casio Model 280 Casio Module 106 Casio Module 248 Casio Module 280 Casio Module No. 106 Casio Module No. 248 Casio Module No. 280 Casio 106 Casio 248 Casio 280 Omega X-33 Mars watch Casio DW5600 verify your module Casio DW5600C Casio QW691 the Casio DW5600 with module QW901 uses the CR 2020 not battery CR2320 Rayovac Lithium BR2320, Casio QW240 Casio QW245 Casio QW491 Casio QW691 Casio W81 Casio QW80 Casio QW83 Casio QW92 Casio QW94 Casio QW95 Casio QW106 Casio QW140 Casio QW195 Casio QW 240 Casio QW245 Casio QW58 Casio QW619 Casio Citizen 9420 Citizen 9460 Citizen ETA/ESA 255.611 ETA/ESA ETA 255.611 ETA ESA 255.611 ESA ETA/ESA 255.622 ETA/ESA ESA 255.622 ESA ETA 255.622 ETA Longines 235 Longines TagHeuer Kirium Formula 1 watch, Tag Heuer Kirium Formula 1 watch

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