Cordless Phone Replacement fits Type 6 Panasonic and others CPB-437

Cordless Phone Replacement fits Type 6 Panasonic and others CPB-437
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Weight0.3 lbs.
BrandEmpire Scientific
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Cordless Phone Battery Replacement3.6 volt 110 mAh NiCD. 2 Year Factory Warranty CPB-437

Fits and replaces: STB202 Replaces Panasonic KXA38, KXT4000, PP202, TYPE 6, Radio Shack 9600531, Empire CPB437, CPB 437 CPB 437, PANASONIC KX A38 STB202, STB 202, STB 202, PANASONIC KXT4000, PANASONIC PP202, PANASONIC TYPE 6, RADIO SHACK 9600531 TEL0405 AT&T STB202 23281 AT&T 2501 AT&T 2505CC AT&T 2510 AT&T 302215001 AT&T 4905 AT&T 4935 AT&T 4952 AT&T 5491 AT&T 560508 AT&T 720 AT&T 91085 T122 Dantona BATT4000, Panasonic KXA38, KXT4000, KXT4000H, KXT4000R, KX T4800, PP202, PP202PA/1B, Uniden BT087 AT&T BPT16 AT&T BT185 AT&T CO100P2 AT&T CP3H02 AT&T DRCB10 AT&T GN312AACP AT&T NCT23AB AT&T P3302 AT&T PCH02 AT&T PP301 AT&T PP301PA1B AT&T PP341PA1B AT&T STB124 AT&T TA248 AT&T TL6156 AT&T TP312AATB At&t/Lucent GP30AAK3BMS Atbatt 2094 Battery Biz B701 BellSouth 670X BellSouth 700 BellSouth 884 Cobra BP92S Cobra CP2507 Cobra CP469 Cobra CP482S Cobra CP483 Cobra CP82 Cobra CP83 Cobra CP85 Cobra CP86 Cobra CP865 Cobra CP86S Cobra CP91 Cobra CP915B Cobra CP91R Cobra CP91S Cobra CP91SB Cobra CP92 Cobra CP93 Cobra CP93S Cobra RP740RA Cobra RP740SC Cobra RP7809A Conair CTP4000A Conair CTP8000 Conair CTP8100 Conair CTP8101 Conair CTP8110 Conair CTP9000 Conair CTP9010 Dantona BATT4000 Empire CPB437 GE 29270 GE 29520 GE 29522A GE 29632A GE 29675 GE 29725 GE 29725A GE 29762 GE 29763 GE 52108 GE 52116A GE 52126 GE 521819A GE 52189A GE 52217A GE 700 GE 9625 Interstate ATEL0405 Panasonic HERTEMP Panasonic KX3908 Panasonic KXA38 Panasonic KXT3600 Panasonic KXT3610 Panasonic KXT3620 Panasonic KXT3620H Panasonic KXT3640 Panasonic KXT3700 Panasonic KXT3702 Panasonic KXT3705 Panasonic KXT3710 Panasonic KXT37101 Panasonic KXT3710B Panasonic KXT3710B1 Panasonic KXT3710H Panasonic KXT3712 Panasonic KXT3712B Panasonic KXT3720 Panasonic KXT37201 Panasonic KXT3720B Panasonic KXT3725 Panasonic KXT3725B Panasonic KXT3730 Panasonic KXT37301 Panasonic KXT3730H Panasonic KXT3732 Panasonic KXT3748 Panasonic KXT3800 Panasonic KXT38005 Panasonic KXT3805 Panasonic KXT3805H Panasonic KXT3805R Panasonic KXT3807 Panasonic KXT3822 Panasonic KXT3822R Panasonic KXT3823 Panasonic KXT3823H Panasonic KXT3823R Panasonic KXT3824 Panasonic KXT3832 Panasonic KXT3835 Panasonic KXT3835W Panasonic KXT3838 Panasonic KXT3842 Panasonic KXT3848 Panasonic KXT3848B Panasonic KXT3850 Panasonic KXT3850B Panasonic KXT3850R Panasonic KXT3851 Panasonic KXT3855 Panasonic KXT3855B Panasonic KXT3857 Panasonic KXT385H Panasonic KXT3860 Panasonic KXT3860W Panasonic KXT3870 Panasonic KXT3875 Panasonic KXT3880 Panasonic KXT3900 Panasonic KXT3908 Panasonic KXT3908B Panasonic KXT3908W Panasonic KXT3910 Panasonic KXT39101 Panasonic KXT3910B Panasonic KXT3910H Panasonic KXT3910R Panasonic KXT3920 Panasonic KXT3920BPanasonic KXT3920H Panasonic KXT3925 Panasonic KXT3930 Panasonic KXT3932 Panasonic KXT3932B Panasonic KXT3935 Panasonic KXT3935W Panasonic KXT3940 Panasonic KXT3940W Panasonic KXT3945 Panasonic KXT3950 Panasonic KXT3950W Panasonic KXT3960 Panasonic KXT3960W Panasonic KXT3962 Panasonic KXT3965 Panasonic KXT3967 Panasonic KXT3967B Panasonic KXT3967W Panasonic KXT3968 Panasonic KXT3968B Panasonic KXT3970Panasonic KXT3980Panasonic KXT3980W Panasonic KXT3990 Panasonic KXT4000 Panasonic KXT4010 Panasonic KXT4108 Panasonic KXT4108B Panasonic KXT4109 Panasonic KXT4168 Panasonic KXT4168B Panasonic KXT4169 Panasonic KXT4169B Panasonic KXT4200 Panasonic KXT4200R Panasonic KXT4300 Panasonic KXT4300B Panasonic KXT4300H Panasonic KXT4300R Panasonic KXT4310 Panasonic KXT4310B Panasonic KXT4310W Panasonic KXT4330 Panasonic KXT4330B Panasonic KXT4330G Panasonic KXT4340 Panasonic KXT4342 Panasonic KXT4350 Panasonic KXT4350H Panasonic KXT4350R Panasonic KXT4360 Panasonic KXT4365 Panasonic KXT4370 Panasonic KXT4370B Panasonic KXT4400 Panasonic KXT4400B Panasonic KXT4410 Panasonic KXT4410B Panasonic KXT4500 Panasonic KXT4500B Panasonic KXT4500DB Panasonic KXT4500W Panasonic KXT4550 Panasonic KXT4550B Panasonic KXT4600 Panasonic KXT5712 Panasonic KXTC100 Panasonic KXTC100B Panasonic KXTC100W Panasonic KXTC109 Panasonic KXTC109W Panasonic KXTC150 Panasonic KXTC150W Panasonic KXTC155 Panasonic KXTC155B Panasonic KXTC155W Panasonic KXTC157 Panasonic KXTC160 Panasonic KXTC160B Panasonic KXTC160W Panasonic KXTC162 Panasonic KXTC165 Panasonic KXTC165B Panasonic KXTC170 Panasonic KXTC170B Panasonic KXTC170W Panasonic KXTC185 Panasonic KXTC185B Panasonic KXTC187 Panasonic KXTC187B Panasonic KXTC187W Panasonic KXTC190 Panasonic KXTC190B Panasonic KXTC197 Panasonic KXTC280 Panasonic KXTC280B Panasonic KXTC282 Panasonic KXTC282B Panasonic KXTC289 Panasonic KXTC900 Panasonic KXTC910 Panasonic KXTC914 Panasonic KXTCC106 Panasonic KXTCC106B Panasonic KXTCC116 Panasonic KXTCC116B Panasonic KXTCC425 Panasonic KXTCC425B Panasonic KXTCM410 Panasonic KXTCM410W Panasonic KXTCM412 Panasonic KXTCM412B Panasonic KXTCM415 Panasonic KXTCM415B Panasonic KXTCM415W Panasonic KXTCM417 Panasonic KXTCM417B Panasonic KXTCM418 Panasonic KXTCM418B Panasonic KXTCM420 Panasonic KXTCM420B Panasonic KXTCM422 Panasonic KXTCM422B Panasonic KXTCM422W Panasonic KXTCM424 Panasonic KXTCM424B Panasonic KXTCM440 Panasonic MATKXT3 Panasonic MATKXT4 Panasonic PP202 Panasonic PP202PA Panasonic PQP25F301A Panasonic QT2000 Panasonic QT2010 Panasonic QT2200 Panasonic QT2610 Panasonic QT3000 Panasonic QT3200 Panasonic QT3200H Panasonic QT3600 Panasonic QT4600 Panasonic QT8200 Panasonic QT8200R Panasonic QT8610 Panasonic TYPE 6 Quasar QT2000 Quasar QT2010 Quasar QT3000 Quasar QT3200 Quasar QT8200 Saft STB202 Sanyo CLT8800 Sanyo H02 Sony SCT250 Sony SPP111 Sony SPP205 Sony SPP206 Sony SPP55 Sony SPP57 Sony SPP58 Sony SPP65 Sony SPP71 Sony SPP72 Sony SPP72BK Sony SPP72C Sony SPP73 Sony SPPA11 Sony SPPA110 Sony SPPA20 Sony SPPA250 Sony SPPA40 Sony SPPA400 Sony SPPA420 Sony SPPA450 Sony SPPA50 Sony SPPA57 Sony SPPA60 Sony SPPA700 Sony SPPA80 Sony SPPAQ110 Sony SPPAQ120 Sony SPPAQ150 Sony SPPAQ25 Sony SPPAQ250 Sony SPPAQ50 Sony SPPAQ500 Sony SPPAQ55 Sony SPPAQ600 Sony SPPAQ65 Sony SPPAQ690 Sony SPPAQ71 Sony SPPAQ72C Sony SPPAQ73 Sony SPPID300 Sony SPPID400 Sony SPPM502 Sony SPPQ110 Sony SPPQ120 Sony SPPQ150 Sony SPPV72C Sony SPPV73 Tandy/Radio Shack 43573 Tandy/Radio Shack 43574 Tandy/Radio Shack 9600531 Tandy/Radio Shack ET440 Tandy/Radio Shack ET441 Tandy/Radio Shack ET442 Tandy/Radio Shack ET549 Toshiba FT2500 Toshiba FT3005 Toshiba FT6000 Toshiba FT6002 Toshiba FT6003 Toshiba FT6004 Toshiba FT6014 Toshiba FT6100 Toshiba FT6202 Toshiba FT6203 Toshiba FT6302 Toshiba FT6303 Toshiba FT6400W Toshiba FT6503 Toshiba FT6603 Toshiba FT6604 Toshiba FT7000 Toshiba FT7106 Toshiba FT7116 Toshiba FT7305 Toshiba FT7505 Toshiba FT7515 Toshiba FT9000 Toshiba FT9003 Toshiba FT9005 Toshiba FT9006 Toshiba FT9305 Uniden AM468V Uniden AM46EV Uniden CT301 Uniden DCX834 Uniden DX355 Uniden DX3555 Uniden DX3565 Uniden DX419 Uniden DX4534 Uniden DX634 Uniden DX719 Uniden DX8200 Uniden DXC645 Uniden DXI1665 Uniden DXI860 Uniden EXTEND A PHONE XCAI680 Uniden QV4544 Uniden QV718 Uniden QVA4505 Uniden XC1660 Uniden XC265 Uniden XC301 Uniden XC302 Uniden XC305 Uniden XC310 Uniden XC310G Uniden XC312 Uniden XC315 Uniden XC320 Uniden XC330 Uniden XC340 Uniden XC345 Uniden XC3510 Uniden XC3514 Uniden XC3515 Uniden XC3530 Uniden XC3545 Uniden XC365 Uniden XC4519 Uniden XC4534 Uniden XC610 Uniden XC611 Uniden XC700 Uniden XC714 Uniden XC716 Uniden XC717 Uniden XC718 Uniden XCA1680 Uniden XCA2500 Uniden XCA2510 Uniden XCA2515 Uniden XCA4500 Uniden XCA4510 Uniden XCA4515 Uniden XCA650 Uniden XCAI680 Uniden XCI660 Uniden XCI665 Uniden XCI667

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