Renata‘s born on date...

…is marked on the side of each battery. Renata silver oxide batteries have an open freshness three-digit “born on” date printed on the side of each battery. The first digit indicates the year the battery was produced, and the next two, the month. The “:” preceding the numbers indicates batteries which were produced this decade.

The date this Renata battery was produced :809 = September 2008

Although Renata batteries have a very long shelf-life, it is recommended that you routinely discard any batteries with a “best before” (use by) date which has already passed. This date is clearly noted on silver oxide, zinc-air, alkaline and lithium battery packaging. Renata batteries maintain their full rated capacity when installed prior to their “best before” date.

Please send your spent silver oxide batteries to us for recycling. Use extra caution when handling unused cells, and when possible, simply leave them in the packaging when the batteries are sent in for recycling.