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A Battery That Charges in 60 Seconds? It’s on its Way!

July 28 2015

A Battery That Charges in 60 Seconds? It’s on its Way!

Imagine what your life would be like if you could plug your cell phone in and have the battery charge in less than a minute. According to an article in Discover titled New Aluminum Battery Takes Just 60 Seconds To Charge, it may just be in our future!

Scientists at the acclaimed Stanford University have built this aluminum-ion battery prototype and have outlined several additional advantages to it: not only can in charge in about a minute, but it holds a charge longer than your traditional battery, and it’s even safer than typical lithium-ion batteries. As you can see, there’s lots for Battery Bob to get excited about on this one!

This battery has been decades in the making! Researchers love working with aluminum for batteries because it’s affordable and has a high charge capacity. However, most attempts to build an aluminum battery in the past three decades have failed.

In many cases they simply didn’t have enough power to work with the devices we need batteries for. Their lifecycles were also short, and they were surprisingly susceptible to deterioration. The goal was to find the perfect combination of materials that would offer the voltage needed after being recharged many times.

Though this perfect formula has been eluding scientists and researchers for a long time, the Stanford team finally jumped over those hurdles by incorporating graphite as the battery’s cathode, which is where the current leaves the battery, and aluminum as the battery’s anode, which is where the current flows into the battery.

The researchers then put their graphite cathode and aluminum anode, as well as an ionic liquid electrolyte, into a flexible polymer pouch. Together these ingredients resulted in an affordable, high performance battery.

According to the article, the resulting aluminum battery "can produce about two volts of electricity and can be recharged more than 7,500 times without any decay in its total capacity. For comparison, other experimental aluminum batteries died after 100 charges, and the conventional lithium-ion battery lasts about 1,000 cycles.”

Believe it or not there’s yet another advantage over typical lithium-ion batteries: these ones don’t catch on fire. For example, if you drilled a hole through a lithium-ion battery it may catch on fire. In fact, they can be unpredictable in many ways. This is why some airlines have banned bulk lithium-ion battery shipments on their planes.

While this new technology isn’t ready for prime time yet, we’re watching the situation closely! In the meantime, take a look at our wide range of affordable, high quality batteries for all your electronic needs and beyond!


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60 Seconds (6/5/2017 6:53:00 AM)
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