Panasonic CTL1616 DIY Kit

Panasonic CTL1616 DIY Kit

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CTL-1616 Casio Battery Single new Genuine fresh Panasonic Cobalt Titanium Lithium cell in factory packaging. This CTL-1616 is a rechargeable battery. This CTL1616 is not used in the Casio Module 308. Panasonic is manufacturing now with CTL1616F imprint. Same product specifications produced at new Indonesia factory.

You can do it yourself and save time and money. There are many YouTube presentations showing how easy it is. Our Panasonic CTL1616 are fresh genuine quality. We do not sell distressed, out of date, old merchandise from bankruptcies or liquidations.

Please do not allow anyone to replace this who does not use the supplied anti-static tweezers or they will ruin the battery for a total loss to you. Some jewelers and retailers ruin by improper handling then say the product was bad. Please do not use a battery tester or volt ohm meter as these very low volt cells can be ruined by testing. Please do not handle with your fingers as static electricity, body oil and contaminants can ruin the cell. These are fresh genuine sealed factory tested as perfect prior to shipping to you. Please only handle with anti static plastic tweezers or nitrile or non-powered gloves. Improper handling will cause failure. 30 day warranty. No returns accepted. Many watch repair or watch battery kiosks mishandle these with fingers and short out the battery ruining it then saying it was a bad battery. If you must have someone else do this for you make sure they use the supplied anti-static tweezers or other professional steps.

These rechargeable CTL1616 batteries are used in many Casio watches. For example the Casio Atomic Solar Powered G-Shock uses 2 CTL1616.

CTL is the designation for a rechargeable secondary battery. The CR prefix taxonomy is a primary disposable battery and is a 3 volt cell; all CR prefixes are 3 volt lithium coin c_ells. The CTL1616 while the same size as the C R 1 6 1 6 functions completely differently and they are not interchangeable. The CTL1616 is 2.3 volts and is recharged by solar or light or kinetic movement. The C R 1 6 1 6 is 3 volts is not rechargeable and will not function properly in a time piece designed for a 2.3 volt circuit. There is only one manufacturer of the CTL1616, Panasonic and they sell through Casio parts distribution.

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