Rhino SLA4-6 Alarm Sealed Lead Acid Battery 4PK 3FM4

Rhino SLA4-6 Alarm Sealed Lead Acid Battery 4PK 3FM4

Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$53.31
Weight6 lbs.
ChemistrySealed Lead Acid
BrandEmpire Scientific
Mfg #SLA4-6
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Rhino SLA4-6 Alarm, Medical or UPS Battery - 4 PACK - SLA4-6

Voltage: 4.5 Volts
Capacity: 4500 mAh
Composition: Sealed Lead Acid
Dimensions: L 2.76 W 1.85 H 4.21 Warranty: One Year

You MUST confirm dimensions before ordering.

We test every battery prior to shipping and only ship perfect fully charged batteries

We do not accept returns on sealed lead acid batteries for any reason

Ships Free Immediately 24/7 to any USA address including Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico Guam US Virgin Islands 

Fits and Replaces:

Shamas SS6V4AH APC PCPER APC PCPRO APC BP350 APC BP280S APC BP280C APC BP280B APC BK400 APC BK300, YT645 SEALED LEADACID BATTERY WP46 6V4AH FM640A S/L 026 117 JOHNLITE 6V 4 AH RBFM6V4AH LCR064R2P 6V 4.5AH LEAD ACID RB640CS 6V 4.5AH SLA6V4.5 ELB0642 6V 4AH/20 HR LT635 6V 4AH/20 HRS250 CY071005 C004765619 Cyclops Thor S250 Johnlite Cyclops 2.5 Million candle power lite CY0112RT645 6V 4.5AH Johnlite Model No. 1947 Johnlite 1949 HYS6V4.5 UB640 YT645 6V 4AH 20HR Rechargeable Airam Rechargeable Lantern 6435200006837 8736993 QP64 6V4AH PE6V4.5LELB 06042 Panasonic LC-R064R2P U-D5733 HK 3MKF 4.5 APC1250 uses two LW650C 3 FM 4.5 CYCSS600 6V 4AH/20HR CYO112 Sunca CY645 VEC199 YT660 6V 4.5AHR 6V 4.5HHR 6V 4.5 Garrity CP645 3FM4 6 VOLT 4AH CSB 645 Emergi-Lite Model W-MXAP-120/277 EXIT LIGHTSHusky Model HSK146 Rechargeable Lantern JAILEE/SANSUI SAMTECH JL3-XM-4 emergency light LEOCH DJW64.0 RT 645 Battery RT645 6V 4.5 AH SLA 6V 4 5AH LONG WAY 3FM4.5 RBFM6V4AH JOHNLITE 6V4A 6 V 4.5 AH YT 645 YT645 Cabelas 13w Lantern Rechargeable Emergency Power & Lighting Equipment Model #R-1 YH645 6V 4.5AH ELB06042 6PE6V4.5 V 4AH 20HB 6V 6V 4AH/20 Hour Yutung YT645 YT645 RB640C RB640CS CY C112 FM640A 6V 4.2AH 20HR 3FM4.5 UD5733 6 VOLT 4F Jetech Model PP500 UPS 6V 4AH CP645 SEL SwissGear SG66301 SwissGear Lantern SG66301 Hong Kong Batteries Mfy. Ltd HK-3FM4.5 Thomas & Betts Emergency Light EECLS-8000SRU Yuntong YT660 Ronway 6V4AH6V 4.2AH/20HR Cyclops 6.5 Cyclops Thor X Scout Cyclops Thor Scout 6.5 Million Candle Power Spotlight uses 2 PS640 F1 PS 640 F1 FM645 HK3FM4.5 HK 3FM4.5 6V4.5AH/20HR 6V 4AH / 20HR Johnlite SY 640 6V 4.5AH 20 HR YUTONG YT645 6 VOLT 5AH LL1142 Coleman 5348 Coleman 5348700 DJW64 6V 4AH YUNTONG YT-660 YT 660 NP46W FM 645 6V 4.5AH SLA 46 JL3XM4 QP64 6V/4 5A 6V 4 AH/ 20HR JOHNLITE 6V LEAD ACID QP64 6V 4AH 20HR RBFM6V4AH HK 3FM4.5 3 FM 4 Battery Toyo 3FM4 Toyo U-D5733 Coleman NP46 YUASA NP46 YUASA 6V4AH CY 0112 LW650C 631 6V FT 46 6V4AH 6V 4AH/20HR JOHNLITE 6V 4AH / 20HR BATTERY SLA4.66 6V 4AH 20HR 6V 4.5AH JOHN LTE 6V4AH/20 AH UPS/SEALED LEAD ACID 6V4AH/20 6V4AH/20 AH 6V4AH/20 AH 6V 5AH JOHN LITE BATTERTY JOHNLITE 6V BATTERIE 3FM4.5H Technacell EP640 Battery TECHNACELL EP 640 FM640A GT6-4.5 Coleman inflating air pump Oreck XL model AV-701B LW650C(3FM4)Panasonic LC-R065P Battery U-D5733 LCR065P HYS645 Yuntong YT-645 Interstate 6V 4.5AH Battery SLA0905 UPG UB645 6 Volt 4.5AH Universal Battery NP 46 NP46 CP 645 CP645 CB64.5 LW650C RB640C FM640A Toyo USP 6FM4.5 YUTONG NO. YT645 RONWAY NO.6V4AH Sheng Yang SY645 6V 4500mAh Sealed Lead Acid PANASONIC LCR064R2P BATTERY U-D5733 FP640 Power-Sonic PS-640 FP Garrity RT645 FISHER PRICE 6 VOLT 4 AMP Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment Model # R1 Johnlite 6V 4AH 20 HR CY-0112 6 VOLT 4AH/20HR CY 0112 Toyo 3FM4.5 Battery UD5733 TOYO USP 3FM4.5 TOYO UPS 3FM4.5 Oreck Electric Broom LC-R064R2P Panasonic LC-R064R2P Power-Sonic PS-640-WL PS 640 3FM4.5 UD5733 JOHNLITE 6V 4AH/20AH BATTERY check dimensions before ordering, JETECH model PP-500 UPS, EmergiLite Exit light Model WSMX34G, EmergiLite Exit light WSMX34G, WSMX34G EmergiLite Exit light, EmergiLite Emergency light Pro2, Pro2 EmergiLite Emergency light, LQMSW3R Lithonia Exit Light, 6 Volt 4 Ah, Garrity S800G 1 million candlepower hand held spot light, ADT Safewatch Custom RF Model 487267, YT645, SW645, SW 645, 6VOLT 4 AH BATTERY, SHO-ME-090985, LT645

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