Accucell 1 343 DIY Replacement Kit

Accucell 1 343 DIY Replacement Kit
Accucell-1 Kit with battery
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Our PriceUS$19.99
Weight.25 lbs.
ChemistrySilver Oxide
BrandJules Borel
Mfg #Accucell 1
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Accucell 1 343 DIY Replacement Kit with 387S & Ring

Fits and replaces: 
  • 1965 Bulova Accutron
  • Accucell-1
  • Accucell 1
  • Accutron N4
  • Bulova Accuquartz 214
  • Bulova Accuquartz 224
  • Bulova Accuquartz 244
  • Bulova Accutron PAZ297L322
  • Bulova Spaceview
  • Energizer 343
  • Excell 387
  • Excell 387S
  • Excell E400N
  • Excell RM400R
  • Excell S400PX
  • Helbros Electronic Watch
  • Interstate Batteries 15 SIL 387
  • Interstate Batteries AWAC5175
  • Interstate Batteries DRY1836
  • Interstate Batteries WAC0385
  • Mercury Battery 343
  • Navigator Mark II Analog Ship's 24-hour dial Chronometer
  • Navigator Mark III Analog Ship's Chronometer
  • Pentax SP1000
  • Pentax SP500
  • Pentax Spotmatic
  • Pentax Spotmatic II
  • Pentax Spotmatic IIA
  • Radio Shack Tandy 239017
  • Rayovac 343
  • Rayovac 387
  • Rayovac Rw56
  • Renata 343
  • Renata 387
  • Steiner Commander III
  • UCAR 343
  • Union Carbide 343
  • Varta V400PX
  • Vinnic S936

This kit delivers both the correct voltage and life up to a year. Replaces old mercury 343. Powered by a 1.5 volt multi-drain silver oxide cell with a special circuit that outputs the proper voltage required for these movements. The combined assembly is encapsulated in a Delrin space-ring to fit these specific Bulova Accutron movements: Bulova 218 Pocket Presentation circa 1965, Accutron Bulova 214, Accutron Bulova 218, Accutron Bulova 2182, Accutron Bulova 224 and Accutron Bulova 2300, Accutron Bulova 214 Movement M7, Accutron Bulova M7, Accutron M7, Accutron 1515968 and Geneva Universal Unisonic Tuning Fork Watches. The 343 battery is no longer made because it contained mercury and has been outlawed because of this, along with other high content mercury cells.

Even though some Accutron are marked "Water Proof" or "Water Resistant" they actually are prone to corrosion and humidity build-up under the crystal in moist conditions. Never allow these heirloom timepieces near any water or high moisture conditions.

If you own or inherited one of these wonderful Bulova Accutron watches with our kit you will be able to cherish and enjoy these "Tuning Fork" time pieces for many years.

The cool hum and Sputnik space sound are memories from the beginning of the "Space Age".

Mercury type batteries are no longer made and their sale is unlawful. You may substitute low or multi drain type silver odixe cells of the same size. This kit replaces the 343 and 387 mercury batteries. Never use any alkaline battery in any timepiece.

Complete instructions included. It is simple to change the batteries by opening the screw off hatch, always apply a very thin coat of sealer when closing the adjoining surfaces.

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