CR3032 Lithium 3 volt Coin Cell 5 Batteries

CR3032 Lithium 3 volt Coin Cell 5 Batteries
5 Batteries Free CUSA Ground Only
3 volt 500mAh Lithium Non-Rechargeable Coin Cell 30mm diameter x 3.2mm thickness.
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Weight.02 lbs.
Capacity500 mAh
BrandNew China Cell
Mfg #CR3032 -
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CR3032 Lithium 3 volt Coin Cell. This is the largest coin cell battery currently made and has a shelf life of ten (10) years. Interchangeable and replaces BR3032 Please do not confuse this with the smaller, C R 2 0 3 2 battery THIS BATTERY IS NON RETURNABLE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER BY MISTAKE

Please keep these shiny child-attracting silver batteries stored safely away from children: dangerous if swallowed!

If you need the CR3032 with solder connectors!

Here is another one!

The dimensions are 30 mm diameter x 3.2 mm thickness or 1.17 inches wide x .12 inches height. 500 mAh. BR3032 and CR3032 are now considered interchangeable with no problem. BR series are industrial high temperature that are never confronted in consumer situations thus the CR normal temperature are used in place of BR. Both have very low self-discharge and very long shelf life, Panasonic and Interstate Batteries have published 10-14 years shelf life. No consumer application requires the high industrial-temperature of BR design tolerance.

Please do not order if you are outside the USA. Non-Rechargeable Lithium-Ion. Dispose of ethically.  USPS announced 5.16.12 10 AM EST the ban of any international shipments of Lithium Batteries. UPS & FEDEX ban air shipment of these chemistries.

Fits and replaces:

1.   2006 Honda Odyssey Rear Entertainment System
2.   3032Y
3.   BR3032
4.   CR30321VC
5.   Dantona LITH-33
6.   DL3032
7.   E-CR3032
8.   Fellows 91528 Amplified Telephone Headset
9.   Ford 2005 F-350 Diesel
10.  Interstate Batteries ALIT0159
11.  K3032
12.  KCR3032
13.  KECR3032
14.  KL3032
15.  L3032
16.  NSN6135-01-490-6173
17.  Panasonic BR3032
18.  Panasonic CR3032
19.  RPM 476V
20.  Sherwood Encore Dive Computer
21.  VL3032
22.  Xyloc Proximity Access Card

It is used in computer motherboards, CMOS applications, laptops and some consumer devices. A fairly hard to find battery that is fresh and from a high quality-control China company.


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