Seiko Capacitor (302324H nla) DIY Kit 302334T New

Seiko Capacitor (302324H nla) DIY Kit 302334T New
Now replaced by Seiko 302334T Genuine Seiko Watch Capacitor
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$29.99
Weight0.0625 lbs.
ChemistryManganese Titanium Lithium
Mfg #302324H
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OUR low cost KITS Containing these user replaceable GENUINE FACTORY capacitors or batteries can save you some serious time and money. Please check out the YouTube videos before you order.

Do this yourself. If you want to use a jeweler do not buy from me because they can ruin your installation by mishandling and can say the rechargeable capacitor was bad.

Please do not touch with your fingers; use supplied finger cots and anti-static tweezers. Charge before use.

These rechargeable batteries are called secondary batteries unlike normal voltage 1.55v non-rechargeable watch primary batteries and should not be tested except with special factory testing equipment.

Factory tested fresh new sealed product; No returns accepted for any reason once package is opened.

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