Exell 505 Battery ER505

Exell 505 Battery ER505
22.5v 60mAh Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Exell 505 Battery ER505
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Weight.25 lbs.
Mfg #EB-505
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Eveready as Union Carbide manufactured these Eveready 505 for analogue test sets used by AT&T and after 1984 AT&T break-up, The Baby Bells (RBOCS; Regional Bell Operating Companies), GTE Supply, SNET (Southern New England Telephone) and all the rural and regional independent telephone companies as well as the nascent cable television companies. (Some batteries were used by the municipal sewer and water and gas industries in test sets.) With the advent of digital test equipment the older style batteries no longer had the huge demand and Eveready (now known as Energizer due to the Bopal disaster and bankruptcy of Union Carbide) quit manufacturing these cells and others such as Dantona and Excell have either imported the complete cell or assemble the imported cells into the finished USA product. Duracell has not been a real battery company beyond the Proctor & Gamble TV marketing juggernaut AA, AAA, D, C and 9 volt alkalines. They outsource all small batteries to a variety of China sources. Non-Rechargeable. Dispose of ethically.

Exell 505 Battery ER505


  • Length: 15.9"
  • Width: 15.1"
  • Height: 50.9"


Fits and Replaces:

  • 3M 701 Megohmeter
  • Eveready 15F15 NO.505
  • Eveready 221 NEDIA 221
  • Eveready 333
  • Eveready 505
  • Eveready BA333/U
  • Eveready M505 22.5 VOLT 505 NEDA
  • Eveready MV15E
  • Exell 505
  • Neda 221
  • Overhead Door R802
  • Syncron AU7a condenser microphone
  • Telectron 182532T
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