Apple iPad Mini Replacement Battery TLP-010

Apple iPad Mini Replacement Battery TLP-010
Apple iPad Mini Replacement Battery TLP-010
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$58.92
Weight0.27 lbs.
BrandEmpire Scientific
Mfg #TLP-010
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USPS, UPS, and FedEx ban international air shipment of any lithium chemistry battery. Please do not order if you are outside the USA. Please dispose of ethically according to the rules of your Solid Waste Department.


Free replacement battery installation
by us!

Fits and Replaces the Following Apple Models and Batteries:

  • Apple 616-0627
  • Apple 616-0633
  • Apple 616-0688
  • Apple A1445
  • Apple IPAD MINI
  • Apple MD528LL
  • Apple MD528LL/A
  • Apple MD528LLA
  • Apple MD529LL
  • Apple MD529LL/A
  • Apple MD529LLA
  • Apple MD530LL
  • Apple MD530LL/A
  • Apple MD530LLA
  • Apple MD531LL
  • Apple MD531LL/A
  • Apple MD531LLA
  • Apple MD532LL
  • Apple MD532LL/A
  • Apple MD532LLA
  • Apple MD533LL
  • Apple MD533LL/A
  • Apple MD533LLA
  • Apple MD540LL
  • Apple MD540LL/A
  • Apple MD540LLA
  • Apple MD541LL
  • Apple MD541LL/A
  • Apple MD541LLA M
  • Apple D543LL
  • Apple MD543LL/A
  • Apple MD543LLA

Fits and Replaces the Following Samsung Models and Batteries:

  • Samsung 616-0687
  • Samsung A1432
  • Samsung A1454
  • Samsung A1455

UPC : 009322-888501
One Year Warranty
Free Shipping in USA


Replacement of most Tablet batteries requires skilled labor. Disassembling a device may void, or limit the scope of manufacturer's warranty. Any tools provided are to assist in replacing the battery And Empire will not be held accountable for any damage done to device or injury to the user. Please Note: More tools may be required to properly replace the battery.



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