393 Dantona 1 Battery BOGO

393 Dantona 1 Battery BOGO
BOGO Buy one get one free!
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$4.35
Weight0.0625 lbs.
BrandDantona Ultralast
Mfg #393/309
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Dantona 393 1 Battery buy one get one free you get 2 batteries!

Please keep these and all shiny-silver child-attracting batteries stored safely away from children, if swallowed they are dangerous

Dimensions: Diameter: 7.99 (mm) Height: 5.4 (mm)

For a great price on a box of 100!

Dealers have my permission to use this copyright research at no charge if you acknowledge "from Bob" as the source. You will have access to my ongoing updated material corrections and updates with new information.

Fits and replaces: 
  • Dantona VAL-AG5-10
  • Energizer 309
  • Duracell D309/D393
  • Duracell D393/D309
  • Duracell D309
  • Duracell D393
  • Duracell 10L23
  • Mallory 309/393
  • Mallory 393/309
  • Mallory 309
  • Mallory 393
  • Mallory 10L23
  • Gold Peak GP93
  • Sylva-Cell GP93
  • Pako L750
  • Maxell SR754SW
  • Maxell SR754W
  • Maxell G5
  • Panasonic SP393
  • Panasonic SR754SW
  • Panasonic SR754W
  • Panasonic SR48W
  • Panasonic WL-6
  • Rayovac 309
  • Rayovac 393
  • Rayovac RW48
  • Rayovac RW28
  • Renata 309
  • Renata 393
  • Renata 15
  • Sony 393
  • Topaz Signature Pad T-S261-HSB-R
  • Topaz Signature Pad T-L-462-HSB
  • Toshiba SR48W
  • Toshiba SR754W
  • Varta V309
  • Varta V393
  • Varta 526

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