TomTom One Replacement Battery PDA-192LI

TomTom One Replacement Battery PDA-192LI

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Weight.4 lbs.
Mfg #PDA-192LI
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TomTom One Replacement Battery PDA-192LI

Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.3" x 0.2" 45.72mm x 33.02mm x 5.08mm
6 month warranty

Replaces these batteries:
  • Interstate LIT0254 Battery
  • TomTom 4K00.100 Battery
  • TomTom 4N00.004.2 Battery
  • TomTom 4N00.004 Battery
  • TomTom 4N00.005 Battery
  • TomTom 4N00.006 Battery
  • TomTom 4N00.012 Battery
  • TomTom 4N01.000 Battery
  • TomTom 4N01.001 Battery
  • TomTom 4N01.002 Battery
  • TomTom F650010252 Battery
  • TomTom F709070710 Battery
Fits these devices:
  • TomTom N14644 GPS
  • TomTom NVT2B225 GPS
  • TomTom One 3rd Edition Dach GPS
  • TomTom One Europe GPS
  • TomTom One GPS
  • TomTom One IQ GPS
  • TomTom One IQ Routes GPS
  • TomTom One Version 3 GPS
  • TomTom One XL Dach TML GPS
  • TomTom One XL Europe GPS
  • TomTom Rider GPS
  • TomTom V2 GPS
  • TomTom V3 GPS

DIY Suggestion July 29th, 2009 from a great customer, David W.

1. Remove 4 rear screws with a TORX T9

2. Carefully pry the top of the case with a small screwdriver (the top is the side with the on-off button

3. The bottom of the case is engaged with a lip so open slowly keeping the bottom attached and angling the top apart

4. Once apart gently remove the two polarized plugs ( Speaker and battery)

5. Holding the rear case in your hand you will have to SLOWLY and GENTLY pry the battery away from the case as it is held with thick and sticky double stick tape.

The tape can be flattened and reused. The new battery is replaced and the processed is reversed. Please insert the polarized plugs slowly in order to not bend the pins.

US Government, USPS, UPS, and FedEx ban international air shipment of any lithium chemistry battery. Please do not order if you are outside the USA. Please dispose of ethically according to the rules of your Solid Waste Department. These batteries must not go into your landfill because of toxic damage to your water supply and contamination affecting all living things. Please always recycle your batteries! Do not dispose of in fire. Do not incinerate, crush, disassemble, puncture or short circuit or insert incorrectly. Do not try to retrofit and/or engineer this into any other product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not mix types, do not mix old and new batteries. All batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly! We are here a short time, let's leave a beautiful future. Vita pulchra est!

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