PetStop UltraMax Receiver Replacement Battery DC-4

PetStop UltraMax Receiver Replacement Battery DC-4
Great Quality Limited Quantity
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$4.99
Weight.3 lbs.
ChemistrySilver Oxide
Mfg #DC-4
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PetStop UltraMax Receiver Replacement Battery DC-4

Dimensions: 1.1" x 0.5" 27.94mm x 12.70mm
6 month warranty

Fits and replaces:

  • DG-8000 Large Gray
  • Freedom Fence
  • R-100
  • R-200
  • R-5000 Large Rectangular
  • R-6500 Dark Blue
  • UltraMax Receiver
  • Astatic (Minuteman 2)
  • D104-M6
  • MN 175
  • MN175
  • 5NR44
  • TR175
  • Fence Dog Collar
  • Mercury Type
  • Dog Collar S1154 Type
  • Dog Collar Silver Oxide Type
  • Dog Collar TR175 Type
  • Dog Collar TR175S Type
  • Dog Guard DG5000
  • Exell Battery S175
  • Interstate Batteries ADRY6010
  • Invisible Fence Collar 5000
  • Radio Shack 23221
  • Tandy 23221
  • Vinnic H1154
  • Vinnic S1154
  • Dog Collar386 5
  • Wrapped Dry 6005
Dispose of this battery according to your local Solid Waste Department regulations. These batteries must not go into your landfill because of toxic damage to your water supply and contamination affecting all living things. Please always recycle your batteries! Do not dispose of in fire. Do not incinerate, crush, disassemble, puncture or short circuit or insert incorrectly. Do not try to retrofit and/or engineer this into any other product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not mix types, do not mix old and new batteries. All batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly! We are here a short time, let's leave a beautiful future. Vita pulchra est!

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