Citizen 295-6300 Capacitor in our DIY Kit

Citizen 295-6300 Capacitor in our DIY Kit

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Citizen Capacitor 295-6300 replaces no longer available Citizen Capacitor 295-45

If you want to learn more, read on....and on....

This Citizen Capacitor 295-6300 replaces Citizen 295-45 no longer made. 

OUR Do It Yourself KITS containing these user replaceable GENUINE Citizen factory capacitors can save you some serious time and money. These are fresh sealed factory tested products. Some timepieces will have the second hand skip to indicate low battery level and this is a reminder to replace the power cell.

Your other option than our DIY Kit is to return the watch to the factory for an expert tune-up and we recommend this if you accept this expensive solution because they will fully clean and pressure test (if necessary), put new seals and a new capacitor and guarantee their work. You send it to them with your prepaid return and they will examine and based on this give you the price. 

Our solution is low cost and fast and is for those who have watched the YouTube videos and are confident of a DIY solution. We do not recommend using a store or kiosk because of their inexperience. Either do it yourself or return to the factory of a full tune-up; don't be otherwise sorry with a botched job.

Please before you order compare our image with your existing power cell; the Panasonic MT621 power cell has Citizen Capacitor versions which are not interchangeable. Each Citizen Capacitor is designed for a specific timepiece and caliber or movement. Only order after you compare and diligently verify you've selected the correct version of the Citizen Capacitor your timepiece requires. This is easy to do. We do not accept returns on opened product which are non-resalable after being opened and handled. The Panasonic MT621 and Panasonic MT621A are the same power cell.

Please do not use a battery tester or volt ohm meter as these cells can be shorted by testing and they will not indicate correct voltage until some time has passed for the battery to restore. Please do not handle with your fingers as static electricity, body oil and contaminants can ruin the cell. Please only handle with supplied anti-static tweezers and finger cots. If you use a shop or kiosk they probably have never been trained or even seen a rechargeable watch battery, these are not the folks to work with. They often will install a regular primary non-rechargeable cell replacement and this can damage your watch. If you use someone to replace for you make sure you get the original power cell returned to you in a plastic bag or envelope and you mark the date on it. Follow this same procedure for rechargeable coin cells some watches use and we also sell these.

Please note that the MT621 is the basic battery or capacitor engine for many different Citizen configurations; look at all the search results for the MT621 and eyeball match to verify and confirm if you have any doubts. These Citizen capacitors may resemble a battery but their function is very different. The capacitors on the kinetic oscillator watches recharges just by body movement while the capacitors on the solar cell watches are powered by all sources of light, outdoors and indoors.

The Panasonic MT621 is a button-type titanium carbon lithium rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that uses lithium titanium oxide as the positive material, carbon as the negative material, and organic electrolyte. These MT series have the highest self discharge rate of any coin cell at 5% so do not be surprised if the watch you left in the drawer no longer runs or charges properly.

To repeat, the MT621(A) is the basic power source and engine for a handful of watch capacitor designs. To be safe please visually match all the MT621 Citizen Capacitor designs to eyeball-verify the correct one such as the Bulova MT621A. These Capacitors can be used with Citizen, Miyota, Seiko, Bulova, Hattori and Casio Watches. Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct Citizen capacitor; please match up the first four characters (ex. 5M22, 5J32, 7820) of your movement. Your movement number can usually be found on the the case back of your watch (the model number always has a dash or hyphen i.e. "5M22-012XY" or on the movement itself inside the watch case. Please make sure to check the movement number carefully and remember we want to answer questions you might have, so please call us at 800-824-4899 or 305-238-7200. 

"Capacitors are storage devices and do not necessarily come already fully charged. The customer needs to charge the watch after properly inserting the capacitor, either by oscillating motion or a Seiko Kinetic Recharger. They should not be tested - a battery tester will not give an accurate reading. Most of the time, the capacitor itself is not defective. Sometimes the brass connector may not be seated perfectly and may be the problem " Fully recharge your watch before wearing again, under sunlight in a cool location 12 hours or under a fluorescent light about 9-12" distance for at least 12 or more hours.

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