CR1/3N Lithium 3 volt - 20 batteries COMP-15

CR1/3N Lithium 3 volt - 20 batteries COMP-15
CR1/3N DL1/3 2L76 Lithium Battery 3 volt - 20 batteries 
The most popular battery for firearms sights and scopes
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$53.15
Weight.5 lbs.
ChemistryLithium Manganese Dioxide
Mfg #CR1/3N
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CR-1/3N 3 volts 160mAh 20 Batteries Made For Gun Enthusiasts!

Dimensions: 11.6mm diameter x 10.8mm height or width 0.46" inches x Height: 0.43" inches.

Top quality and long life power. No green plastic wrapper. 

This is a primary battery type and is not rechargeable. Very long storage life, up to ten years claimed by Panasonic researchers. This is not a coin cell battery. Bulk pack in single bag. 160mAh. 

Made in China
Lithium Content (g) 0.06


Fits and Replaces:

  • 17-800-0002-01 Aimpoint scope CompC3 2 x DR1/3N
  • 6131201501 CR1/3NP
  • Aimpoint 3000 Red Dot Pistol/Rifle Sight
  • Aimpoint 9000L 2 MOA Red Dot Sight
  • Aimpoint 9000L Red Dot Sight 9000L
  • AST Preview 10
  • Battery-Biz B320
  • CR1/3 Energizer 2L76
  • CR1/3NFT1
  • CR1/3NP
  • Crimson Trace LG-437 Uses One 1/3n 3v Lithium Or Two 357 Energizer 2L76BP
  • D C Battery DC1/3N
  • Dantona COMP-15
  • Dc Battery(Use D C B DC13N)
  • DL1/3MB
  • Dog Collar R21
  • DogWatch AR300M Dog Collar
  • DogWatch R6 Dog Collar
  • Dogwatch R6 Receiver 
  • DogWatch R7 Dog Collar
  • DogWatch R7mini Dog Collar
  • Duracell DL1/3N
  • Energizer 3V Lithium 2L76
  • Eveready 2L76
  • Everyready 2L76
  • EVR2L76BP
  • Excell CR1/3N
  • Green Laser Sights LMS-2X13
  • Green Rail Mount Laser LMS-2X13N
  • IEC CR1/3N
  • IEC CR11108
  • Interstate Batteries ALIT0290
  • Invisible Fence R21 Power Cap
  • Kodak K58L
  • Lasermax LMS-UNI-G Green Laser Sight
  • Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Scope Illuminated Reticle
  • Maxwell CR58L
  • Military 5922
  • Millett Red Dot Scope Model ZM00001
  • Minolta X-7A35mm Camera
  • Minox GT
  • NEDA Number 5008LC
  • Nikon F2 DL1/3H
  • Nikon FM2
  • Panasonic 23265
  • Panasonic DL1/3N
  • PetSafe RFA-188 Replacement Upon Disassembly
  • Q9000248
  • R1200M R21 Battery
  • Sanyo CR1/3N
  • Sokkia SDR33
  • Starrett Digitape DI-25
  • Starrett Digitape Measuring Tapes DI-2
  • Synergistic CR1/3N
  • Tasco DL1/3N
  • Tasco PDP2
  • Tasco PDP2MA
  • Tasco Propoint PDP2 Red Dot Sight
  • Varta 6131101401
  • Varta 6131101501
  • Varta 6131B
  • Varta CR1/3N
  • Varta LR1/3N2
  • Vivitar VC4000
  • YEASU FT757GX Ham Transceiver
US Government, USPS, UPS, APO, FPO, AE and FedEx ban international air shipment of any lithium chemistry battery. Please do not order if you are outside the USA. Please dispose of ethically according to the rules of your Solid Waste Department. These batteries must not go into your landfill because of toxic damage to your water supply and contamination affecting all living things. Please always recycle your batteries! Do not dispose of in fire. Do not incinerate, crush, disassemble, puncture or short circuit or insert incorrectly. Do not try to retrofit and/or engineer this into any other product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not mix types, do not mix old and new batteries. All batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly! We are here a short time, let's leave a beautiful future. Vita pulchra est!
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