New Energy CR2025 5pk

New Energy CR2025 5pk

Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$8.99
Weight.0625 lbs.
ChemistryLithium Manganese Dioxide (CR)
BrandNew Energy
Mfg #CR2025
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New Energy CR2025 5 Batteries

Please keep all coin cell and button cell, shiny child-attracting silver batteries stored safely away from children: lithium batteries are very dangerous if swallowed!  Click HERE for medical help 

Dimensions: 20mm diameter x 2.5mm height
Weight 2.4 grams

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All batteries with the prefix of CR are lithium 3 volt. The first two numbers, 20 is the diameter in mm and the second set of two numbers 25 is the tenth of mm in thickness, ergo 2.5 mm height. There are situations when batteries can be shimmed to fit in Robinson Crusoe type situation. We sell that item, click here.

This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition "Handbook on Battery Number System". This Battery is cross-referenced as: AWI L12, Citizen 280-205, Duracell DL2025, Seiko SB-T14, Timex NA, Varta CR2025. 

The coin-type lithium manganese dioxide battery is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) recognized component and user replaceable, Certification Number: MH12568 (N). Batteries with the prefix of CR are lithium 3 volt. This is a non-rechargeable primary battery. Dispose of properly according to your local regulations.

Dealers have my permission to use this copyright research at no charge if you acknowledge "from Bob" as the source. You will have access to my ongoing updated material corrections and updates with new information.

Fits and replaces: 

  • AWI L12 
  • Citizen 280-205 
  • Duracell DL2025 
  • Seiko SB-T14 
  • Timex NA 
  • Varta CR2025 
US Government, USPS, UPS, APO, FPO, AE and FedEx ban international air shipment of any lithium chemistry battery. Please do not order if you are outside the USA. Please dispose of ethically according to the rules of your Solid Waste Department. These batteries must not go into your landfill because of toxic damage to your water supply and contamination affecting all living things. Please always recycle your batteries! Do not dispose of in fire. Do not incinerate, crush, disassemble, puncture or short circuit or insert incorrectly. Do not try to retrofit and/or engineer this into any other product. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not mix types, do not mix old and new batteries. All batteries can be dangerous if not handled properly! We are here a short time, let's leave a beautiful future. Vita pulchra est!