FDK CR12600SE Battery - COMP-3

FDK CR12600SE Battery - COMP-3

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FDK CR12600SE 3V 1500 mAh Lithium Cylindrical Battery Single Battery in Bag This is a primary non-rechargeable lithium-manganese dioxide battery.

Fits and Replaces:
  • Data General MV150001
  • GPI 900902-004-02 Meter
  • GPI 902004-02 Meter
  • Interstate LIT19071
  • Mitsubishi 286 CMOS/BIOS 
  • Sanyo 113520-11
  • Sanyo CR-2N1
  • Sanyo CR12600SE1
  • Galileo Sol underwater decompression computer by UWATEC, GPI Flowmeter model 5050N
Dimension: 1.3" x 0.6"   33.02mm x 15.24mm

This is a high energy, high reliability 3 volt power source. Excellent memory backup power source. Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life in normal room temperature and humidity.

Available with solder tabs, with 2 pin PC mounts COMP-3-2 and with 3 pin PC mounts COMP-3-3-10

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