Lithium-Ion Battery Charger 11.1V 100-240Vac 1500mAh - F111-015-W

Lithium-Ion Battery Charger 11.1V 100-240Vac 1500mAh - F111-015-W
Original Equipment Quality (OEM)
From Famous Dantona Industries, USA NY 11793
11.10 Volt 1500mAh Smart Charger
UN38.3 Cells Passed
Item Specifications
Our PriceUS$19.21
Weight.3 lbs.
Mfg #F111-015-W
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11.1 Volt 1500mAh Lithium-Ion Smart Charger with Alligator Clips; Excellent Insulated Red Positive and Black Negative Soft Smart Plastic Alligator Clips with serrated jaws.

The Alligator Clips (Crocodile Clips) are typically covered by a plastic shroud or "boot" to prevent accidental short-circuits.

Comfortable and No-Slip-Grip, Ever-Even-Easily-Effort Works With having Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and weaker hands or wrists. Senior Citizens Love Dantona Industries, USA, NY products.

Dimensions: 3.38" x 1.87" x 1.2" / 85.85mm x 47.50mm x 30.48mm

UN38.3 Certified
How do you get UN38.3?
Lithium batteries must undergo a rigorous series of tests to meet UN38. 3 performed by an approved independent testing laboratory. Batteries must not rupture, leak, disassemble, or catch fire to receive certification. There are eight tests that that must be passed for a lithium battery to receive the certification

UL1642 Compliant 18650 Cells -
UL1642 certification requirements cover lithium-ion batteries intended for use in technician-replaceable or user-replaceable applications. UL1642 certification requirements are made for avoiding the risk of fire or explosion when lithium-ion batteries are working in a product.

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