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Maxell CR1220 -10 Batteries

SKU: 101145
MAXELL CR1220 - 1 Pack of 5 Batteries.

Price: $11.49


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Please Note: Effective May 16th 2012, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer accept international shipments of any LITHIUM batteries. Read the document Here. However, it is possible to ship these batteries via UPS and FedEx.

Item Specifications
# of Units:10
Unit Cost:1.15
Weight:0.0170 lbs.
Mfg. #:CR1220

Product Description

Superior Maxell Coin Lithium Cell blister two packs of 5 Tear-Strip batteries. 3 volt 36 mAh. Weight 0.8 grams.

Fits and replaces: Sunbeam LED Booklight 30111450 Casio BGA151-7B Casio Baby G BGA151-7B Casio BGA151-1B Casio Baby G BGA151-1B Casio BGA153-1B Casio Baby G BGA153-1B Casio BGA153 Casio BGA152 Casio BGA151 Casio Baby G BGA153 Casio Baby G BGA152 Casio Baby G BGA151 Casio 5257 Casio Module 5257 Casio model 5257 Casio BGA152-7B2 Casio Baby G BGA152-7B2 Casio BGA152-7B1 Casio Baby G BGA152-7B1 Panasonic CR1220 Audiovox Model APS-901N remote car starter Casio AW591ML-1A Casio Module 5081 Casio model 5081 Casio 5081 Casio GShock GA100-1A4 Casio ELVATCC AVX-1B4S car starter remote control Casio EFA131PB-1AV Casio EFA131BK-1AV Casio 5165 Casio Model 5165 Casio Module 5165 Sanyo CR1240E use two CR1220 to replace but this is not verified Ferrari F430 Canon A495 RNCR1220TS Gateway M-152S UL1220 UltraLast Energizer BR1220 same as CR1220 Autowatch 88RL car alarm uses two Yaesu FT-530 handheld amateur radio transceiver CR1220E Canon Power Shot SX100IS Casio LW 22H Casio LW22H Black Crater Cordlock LED light CP1220 Panasonic 1220 CR12220 Casio MTD1020 Divers Watch Casio MTD 1020 Divers Watch Casio 1020 Casio MTD1020 Casio MTD 1020 Casio Baby G 325 Battery Replacement Casio BG325B Casio 1579 BG325 Casio Module No. 1579 Casio Module 1579 Casio Model 1579 Casio 1579 only the G325B is verified for the CR1220 Casio LW-23H Casio Module No. 1818 Casio Module 1818 Casio Model 1818 Casio 1818 Casio LW 23H Casio 1602 Casio 1665 Casio 1818 Casio Model 1602 Casio Model 1665 Casio Model 1818 Casio Module 1602 Casio Module 1665 Casio Module 1818 Casio Module No. 1602 Casio Module No. 1665 Casio Module No. 1818 Casio LW22H-1AV Casio Ladies Chronograph LW23H-1AV Casio LW23H Casio Module No. 4722 Casio G-Shock ANA-DIGI Watch AW590BL-5A Casio Aw590bl-5a G-shock Casio AW590BL5A Module No. 4778 Casio GShock AW-591SC Casio GShock G-300SC-6A Casio GShock G-300SC-9A Casio GShock G-7700BL-1 Casio GShock DW-5600BL-7 Casio GShock AW-591MS-1A Casio GShock AW-591MS-3A Casio GShock AW-590BL-5A Casio GShock AW-590BL-1A Casio GShock DW-5600BL-7 Casio GShock G-7700BL-1 Casio AW-590BL-5A Casio AW-590BL-1A Casio DW-5600BL-7 Casio G-7700BL-1 Casual Sports-Ladies-Black LW22H-1AV Battery CR1220 Module 1602 SR1220 Casio Ladies LW22H-1AV Casio Module 1602 Canon PowerShot A530 W205, ALBA W205 ALBA, ALBA CALIBRE W205, W206, ALBA W206 ALBA, ALBA CALIBRE W206, W401, ALBA W410 ALBA, ALBA CALIBRE W401, Canon A570 Powershot, Canon A570 Powershot, A570 Canon A570, Canon Powershot 560, Canon A520, uses two DBX1001A. Canon Powershot A520, QW261 Volvo 960 series keyless remote control from 1997 and later years, YA015527, Canon S1IS and S3IS, Gucci Women's 1500 Series Watch #YA015527, Gucci Women's 1500 Series Watch YA015527, CR 1220 3 VOLT, Canon Powershot A720 IS, Casio DataBank DBX100 Caliber 216 x 2, DBX100 Casio, Casio Sports LW22H-1AV, Module 1602, Model 1602, Casio GShock G1800D-3A, Module 4778, Model 4778, Casio GShock G1710D-4AV, Module 4737, Model 4737, Casio GShock G011 Series, Casio Gshock G011D1A, Casio Gshock G011D2B, Casio GShock G011D4A, Casio GShock G011D6A, Module 4762, Model 4762, Casio AW590-1A, Module 4778, Model 4778, Casio Models: Casio AW591 Series, Model 4778, Module 4778, Casio AW591-2A, Casio AW591-4A, Casio AW591-4A, Casio AW591RL-4A, Casio AW591TM-1A, Casio AW591TM-1A, Casio DBX-100 takes two CR1220, Casio BG191 Series, BG191 Series, Module 3786, Model 3786, Casio BG1911B2 Casio, Casio BG1914B3 Casio, Casio BG1917B2 Casio, Casio BG1500 Series, BG1500 Series, Casio BG1500A1BV Casio, Casio BG1500A7BV Casio, Module 3772, Model 3772, BG-119BB,BG-120BL,,BG-120L,,BG-143B,,BG-200,BG-200C, BG-209BB, BG-310V, BG-320B, BG-320R, CR1220 BATTERY, 1220 BATTERY, CR 1220, BG-325B, BG-330DJ, CSE-001, CSE-001C, CSE-001L, CSE-001M, CSE-002, CSE-002C, CSE-002F,CSE-002L, CSE-002M, CSE-100F, DB-310A, DW-620, DW-640, DW-650, LW-22H, LW-22HB, CASIO MQ241B, MQ241B, LW-22HD, LW-22HL, LW-23H, LW-23HB, LW-23HD, LW-23HL and W-90. Replaces these battery model numbers: DL1220, ECR1220, BR1220, DL1220B, BR1220-1W, CR1220-1W, KCR1220, LM1220. The coin-type lithium manganese dioxide battery is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) recognized component and user replaceable, Certification Number: MH12568 (N).

Fits and replaces: Seiko SBT13, Seiko SB T13, AW-1 Microtuner, Timex Model 959



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