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MAXELL CR2016 - 1 battery Date Coded

SKU: 10156
MAXELL CR2016 - 1 battery Date Coded OEM or Retail blister pack

Price: $4.35


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Please Note: Effective May 16th 2012, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer accept international shipments of any LITHIUM batteries. Read the document Here. However, it is possible to ship these batteries via UPS and FedEx.

Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:4.35
Weight:0.0063 lbs.
Mfg. #:CR2016

Product Description

Maxell CR2016 - 1 battery Date Coded OEM or Retail blister pack. 3 volt 90 mAh. Weight 1.9 grams. 20 mm diameter x 1.6 mm thick.

Fits and replaces: 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Casio 1518 Casio Module 1518 LiftMaster 10A19 ATEK RM100 Casio Module 3224 Sukura LED Watch, Casio DW-8500B-1 Casio Module 1441 Casio 1659 Casio Module 1659 Casio DW9052-1V Casio GShock DW9052 Casio FT500WV-1BV Casio FT500WV-5BV Casio T500WV-3BV Casio FT500WV-5BV Casio Forester FT500 Casio Module 2312 Casio GShock DW69001SC Casio Module 1289/3230 Casio Model 1289/3230 Casio 1289/3230 Seiko 7K52 Seiko 7K52A Timex Expedition T480619J 2010 Toyota Camry TRW 0043V191 Casio Databank 150 model 1477 Calculated Industries Construction Master 4050 4050-C-ES1 Calculated Industries 4019 Materials Estimating Calculator 4019-ES-C Casio DBC-310 Casio DW-9100BD-8AT Riseman Casio 1664 Casio Module 1664 Casio Model 1664 1996 Caravan 1996 Caravan Grand 1996 Dodge Caravan Grand 1996 Chrysler Caravan Grand Casio W201-1AV Casio 2879 Casio model 2879 Casio Module 2879 Casio W720 Casio W 720 Casio 548 Casio Module 548 Casio Model 548 Staples Retractable Name Badge Holders 614062 2002 Toyota Avalon 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee CASIO 280 DW1000 DW1000, Casio DW1000, Duracell DL2016, CASIO EDB610, EDB610, EDB610 Battery, Casio module no 2315, 7K52, Casio F-105W-1AWYEF Casio module 1275 Casio module 2315, Casio F-91W-1YEF Casio 2315, Casio HDA-600-1BVES Casio Module No.1311 7C21A Timex 129 P3, Timex 129, Timex P3, Timex 129 P3 Battery, Timex 129 P3 Batteries, TIMEX WR 30M, WR 30M, TIMEX WR30M, WR30M, TIMEX Indiglo WR 30M, WR 30M, TIMEX WR30M, WR30M, Indiglo WR30M, Roland R8 drum machine, Roland 256 ram card, CONSTRUCTION MASTER 5, EDB610 Batteries, F91W1, Casio F91W1, Casio Mens Sports Watch F91W1, Energizer ECR2016, Rayovac E-CR2016, CANON CR2016 CMOS, Renata CR2016, Varta CR2016, Seiko SB-T11, Seiko SB-T51, SEIKO A904 , SR2016, Seiko A9045199 . This battery is 20 mm diameter x 1.6 mm height. 3 volts and 80 mAh. The chemistry is lithium manganese dioxide.

Fits the Casio W727H-1V calculator. Use in these Casio Models: Casio watch Model W92H, W92H, Casio W92H, Casio DW-5600E GShock Battery, CASIO 5600E, Casio DW5600E G-Shock Watch, A-158WA A-168WA, ACL-100E, ACL-200B, AQ-150W, AQ-150WB, AQ-150WD, AW-24, AW24D, BG-10, BG-19BB, BG-30B, BH-100W, BP-100 BP-300A, CA-5, CA-505A, CBX-1000, CBX-500, CBX620, DB-1500, DB-2100D, DB-34H, DB-34HD, DB-34HE, DB-560, DB-56W DB-57W, DB-58W, DB-590A, DB-80W, DB2000DG, DB34HL, DBC-150B, DBC-30, DBC-300A, DBC-63, DBC-800, DBC-800G, DBC630A, DBM-150, DBV-30, DBV-300, DGW-30, DW-002, DW-002BJ, DW-002DJ, DW-002J, DW-002M, DW-002MB, DW-002R, DW-002RS, DW-002S, DW-003, DW-003B, DW-003CC, DW-003USB, DW-003V, DW-003VC, DW-003X, DW-004BC, DW-004C, DW-004VC, DW-004XS, DW-069, DW-069USV, DW-069V, DW-240, DW-270, DW-280, DW-290, DW-340, DW-5300G, DW-5600C, DW-5600E, DW-5600ED, DW-5700C, DW-5900C, DW-6000G, DW-6100, DW-6200, DW-6600, DW-6600B, DW-6600E,DW-6600F, DW-6630B, DW-6700, DW-6800, DW-6900, DW-6900H, DW-6900K, Timex "Expedition" Indiglo watchDW-6900S, DW-6910K,DW-7200L, DW-8040G, DW-8200K, DW-8300, DW-8500B, Casio GShock DW-8600, DW-8700, DW-8800B, DW-8950, DW-9000, DW-9000B, DW-9000BC, DW-9000C, DW-9000S, DW-9005V DW-9500XS, DW-9501RL, DW-9950, DW-9950WC, DW6000CJ, DWM-100WC, DWM-101, DWX-100, DWX-100S, DWX-110AP, DWX-111BD DWX-112, DWX-112AS, F-105W, F-23WB, F-23WD, F-28W, F-30, F-31,F-91W, F-91WG, F-91WK, F-94WA, F-99WA, FIT-100 FT-1001H, FT-110HV,FT-111HL, FT-120H, FT-120HB, FT-120HL, FT-121H, FT-121HB, FT-121HL, FT-201W, FT-201WL FT-5011WL, FT-D193110HL, GC-2000, GL-100V, GPX-1000M, GPX-2100L, GR-15, GS-100EC, GT-000, GT-000B, GT-001 GT-001B, GT-001P, GT-003M, HGW-10, HOR-100W, HS-5, JC-11, JC-20J, JC-21J,JC-22J, JC-30, JP-200W, JP-200WX L-9, LED-30, MD-309, MD-528, MD-528C, MD-528SG, MRG-1, MRG-121, MRG-121T, MW-5, MW-800GLS, MW-800GS, MW-800S MW800LS, NF-11, PGW-30, PGW-30C, PRT-10C, PRT-10E, PRT-10F, PRT-20C, PRT-20E, PRT-20, PRT-30C, PRT-30E, PRT-30F PRT-40F, QGW-10, RGW-20G, SDB-500W, SDB-500WX, SKX-1000, SKX-1000B STR-1000, TGW-10 TGW-10G, Casio TRC-100, TS-200, VDB-10, VDB-200B, VDB-2010B, W-59, W-64, W-70, W-70B, W-726A, W-726B, W-727HB, W-727HD, W-727HL, W-728H, W-728HB W-728HD, W-729H, W-729HD, W-729HF, W-731H, W-74, W-740, W-741, W-76, W-78, W-782, W-79A, W-79B, W-79C, W-86, W-87H, W-87HB, W-87HD, W-87HL, W-88H, W-88HD, W-89HB, W-89HD, W-89HL, W-910, W-920C, W-92H, W-92HB, W-92HL, W-95, W725, W727H, Casio W727H-1V, Casio Watch #1636, WS-100H.

Fits and replaces these models: Duracell DL2016, Energizer ECR2016, Rayovac E-CR2016, Renata CR2016, Varta CR2016, Seiko SB-T11. Casio W727H-1V D, Casio ES630POWERSPREADSH, Casio ES640EXPENSEEASY, Casio ES650POWERFUL, Casio FM300, Casio LC80, Casio LC950, Casio RC2, Casio RC4, Citizen 280202/4/6, Dantona COMP30, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0103T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0104T 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0104T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0303T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0603T 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0603T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ELVMT5A 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT10T 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT14T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT14T W/HATCH & PANIC ON BACK 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT14T W/POWER DOOR 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT14T W/TRUNK 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT17T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT17T 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT4T FORD 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT4T FORD 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT4T MAZDA 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT5T 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT5T 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT7T CHRYSLER W/PANIC 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT7T CHRYSLER W/TRUNK 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT7T JEEP 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT7T MAZDA 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT9T 2 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT9T, JEEP Black 3 Button, Remote opener 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT9T JEEP GREY 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id HYQWDTC 3 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id JDRAPSBT 1 BUTTON, FIDA DISK I/O, Fuji CR2016, IEC CR2016, Interstate Batteries ALIT0145, JUKO MULTIFUNCTION BRD, Keyless Entry Locks BR2016, Keyless Entry Locks BUICK, Keyless Entry Locks CR2016, Keyless Entry Locks , DC2016B, Keyless Entry Locks ECR2016, Maxell 771050, Maxell 771055, Maxell BR2016, Maxell CR2016, Maxell CR20160, Memory Card FLASHPATH, Napco Alarms 2600 OLD STYLE, National BR2016, National CR2016, Neda 5000LC, Newark 44F969, Panasonic 2610, Panasonic BR2016, Panasonic CR2016, Panasonic CR2610, Philips CR2016, Radio Shack 23160, Radio Shack CR2316, Radio Shack EC355, Renata CR2016, Rolodex EL3100, Rolodex EL3300, Sanyo CR 2016

Timex Marathon watch, Timex and the model is a Timex Ironman Triathlon 50-Lap Digital Watch, 5C661 Timex Models: 721, 739, 746, 747, 748, 772, 800, 814, 837, 867, 901, 903, 904, 905, 910, 929, 930, 933, and 934.

The coin-type lithium manganese dioxide battery is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) recognized component and user replaceable, Certification Number: MH12568 (N). For The Nike Watch Models: WR0066, WA0023, WR0016, This Nikes Models Sku Fits this Battery: CR2016 Which Is The Maxell CR2016.

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This battery will fit the following Watches and Devices:
ManufacturerModel NumberNotes
Casio1079 Module
Casio1189 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio1189/3231 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio1376 Module
Casio1441 Module
Casio1477 Module
Casio1498 Module
Casio1514 Module
Casio1548 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio1554 Module
Casio1600 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio2327 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio2428 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio2470 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio3231 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio593 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio658 Module
Casio690 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio785 Module
Casio838 Module
Casio931 Module
Casio954 Module
Casio965 Module
Casio978 Module
CasioA159Two (2) year battery life
CasioBGP-200 Multi Planner
CasioCPW-220Two (2) year battery life
CasioData Bank DB34HTwo (2) year battery life
CasioDB-2000 Hotbiz 200
CasioDB35HD-8AVTwo (2) year battery life
CasioDBM-150 First Memory Protect DataBank
CasioDW290-1VTwo (2) year battery life
CasioDW-320 Alarm Chrono Telememo
CasioDW-8700Two (2) year battery life
CasioF91W-1Two (2) year battery life
CasioFlight Planner DW-7700
CasioG-100Two (2) year battery life
CasioGSHOCK DW8500
CasioGT000 G-Cool
CasioPRT-500 Pro TREK Twincept Twin Sensor
CasioTriple Chronograph Watch TRC-100
CasioVDB 1000
CasioVDB 2010 Hotbiz 200
CasioW74Two (2) year battery life
Casio Alarm Chronograph TelememoDBW-320
Casio DatabankDBM-150
Casio Edifice2428 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio Edifice2470 ModuleTwo (2) year battery life
Casio EdificeEFD102Two (2) year battery life
Casio Flight PlannerDW-7700
Casio Forester2312 Module
Casio GShock1298 Module
Casio GShock1518 Module
Casio GShock1556 Module
Casio GShockDW-002
Casio GShockDW8500
Casio GShockDW-8600
Casio GShockMGR-1
Casio GShock FishermanDW-8600
Casio IlluminatorMTD1049
Casio IlluminatorMTD-1049
Casio Multi PlannerBGP-200
Casio Pro Trek TwinceptPRT-500
Casio Sport GearSGW-300H-1AVThree (3) year battery life
Casio Sport GearSGW-300H-1AVThree (3) year battery life
Casio Sport GearSGW-300HD-1AVThree (3) year battery life
Casio Sport GearSGW-400H-1B2VThree (3) year battery life
Casio Sport GearSGW-400H-1BVThree (3) year battery life
Casio Sport GearSGW-400HD-1BVThree (3) year battery life
Citizen1400Two (2) year battery life
RenatoRenato Ana-Digi Cyclops Gunmetal 9003/7301

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