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A Video Camera Replacement Battery Sony NP-66 6 Volts 4000 mAh NIMH BNH-109-4

SKU: 172109
A Video Camera Replacement Battery Sony NP-66 6 Volts 4000 mAh NIMH BNH-109-4.

Price: $39.55



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Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:39.55
Weight:1.0000 lbs.
Brand:Empire Scientific
Mfg. #:BNH-109-4

Product Description

A Video Camera Replacement Battery Sony NP-66 6 Volts 4000 mAh NIMH BNH-109-4. One Year Factory Warranty. Fits These Models: Sony DCTTRV70 Sony Varta V217 8008,AX77, AX80, PTV877,DVM131X, DVM210N, FVC10, FVC1000, FVC10A, FVC2000, FVC4000, SONY NP68, NP68, NP 68, FVC701, FVC720, FVC730, FVC750, FVC770, FVC800, FVC860, FVC880, FVC901, FVC950, FVC990, FVCP701, FVCP730, FVCP750, FVCP770, FVCP880, FVCP901, FVCP950, FVCP990, FVCS2,F120SW, F122SW, F60Y, F610, F615, F620, F810, FF60, FF66,SV10, SV11,CCD100, CCD101C, CCD105E, CCD112, CCD150, CCD20061, CCD201, CCD250, CCD280, CCD35, CCD38, CCD40, CCD45, CCD46, CCD55, CCD5670, CCD705, CCD705E, CCD714, CCD72, CCD74, CCD75, CCD75BR, CCD77, CCD800E, CCD801, CCD801E, CCD91, CCD93, CCD94, CCD96, CCDF150, CCDF201, CCDF250, CCDF280, CCDF30, CCDF301, CCDF302, CCDF335, CCDF34, CCDF340, CCDF35, CCDF350, CCDF355E, CCDF36, CCDF370, CCDF375E, CCDF38, CCDF380, CCDF40, CCDF401, CCDF402, CCDF45, CCDF450, CCDF455E, CCDF46, CCDF50, CCDF500, CCDF501, CCDF55, CCDF550, CCDF555E, CCDF56, CCDF70, CCDF77, CCDFX228, CCDFX230, CCDFX280E, CCDFX3, CCDFX310, CCDFX311, CCDFX330, CCDFX400, CCDFX410, CCDFX420, CCDFX500, CCDFX510, CCDFX511, CCDFX520, CCDFX530, CCDFX620, CCDFX630, CCDFX710, CCDFX730V, CCDFX810, CCDFX830VE, CCDG100ST, CCDGV200, CCDGV500, CCDM7U, CCDSC6E, CCDSC8E, CCDSP5, CCDSP5G, CCDSP5Y, CCDSP7, CCDSP9, CCDTR100, CCDTR101C, CCDTR105, CCDTR105E, CCDTR112, CCDTR150, CCDTR205, CCDTR21, CCDTR23, CCDTR30, CCDTR3000E, CCDTR31, CCDTR33, CCDTR36, CCDTR380, CCDTR385E, CCDTR4, CCDTR40, CCDTR400, CCDTR44, CCDTR45, CCDTR5, CCDTR50, CCDTR505, CCDTR505K, CCDTR50E, CCDTR514, CCDTR54, CCDTR55, CCDTR555, CCDTR56, CCDTR6, CCDTR600, CCDTR61, CCDTR614, CCDTR64, CCDTR65, CCDTR65TR66, CCDTR66, CCDTR7, CCDTR70,

CCDTR700, CCDTR705, CCDTR705E, CCDTR72, CCDTR74, CCDTR75, CCDTR75BR, CCDTR78, CCDTR8, CCDTR805E, CCDTR81, CCDTR814, CCDTR82, CCDTR83, CCDTR84, CCDTR86, CCDTR88, CCDTR880E, CCDTR9, CCDTR900, CCDTR91, CCDTR916, CCDTR93, CCDTR94, CCDTR96, CCDTR98, CCDTR99, CCDTRV11, CCDTRV112, CCDTRV119, CCDTRV12, CCDTRV19, CCDTRV21, CCDTRV211, CCDTRV212, CCDTRV21TRV22, CCDTRV22, CCDTRV29, CCDTRV312, CCDTRV32, CCDTRV33, CCDTRV40, CCDTRV512, CCDTRV52, CCDTRV53, CCDTRV911, CCDV101, CCDV11, CCDV22, CCDV4, CCDV5000, CCDV5000E, CCDV600, CCDV700E, CCDV701, CCDV800, CCDV800E, CCDV801, CCDV801E, CCDV88, CCDV9, CCDV90, CCDV900, CCDV95E, CCDV99, CCDVX3, EB55, EVCX7, EVO9100, GV100, GV300, GV500, GV8, GV9, GV9E, GVU5, GVU5K, MVC5000, NP33, NP55, NP55H, NP60D, NP66, NP66H, NP68, NP77, NP77H, NP80, NP80D, NP88, NP90, NP98, NP98D, NP99, TR670E, TRV70E, WATCHMAN, XVM3, FH80, H128SW, H80, M600AF, M680, M690, M830HR, M890, NP55, NP77H, P40U, P650, P660, P850,AV608, AV8MM, CG400, CG812, CG814, CG818,GSE2, GSHE1, LCE76M (REAR),SK60, TMC4888,BP70, BP82, VS48, VS8000, VS8100, VS8320, VS8500, VS8800, VSC55, VSC75,6766204, 9320300, 9321829, 9322744, 9340357, NBE60A,154, 16858, 16859, BP150, BP1501, BP1502, BP1550, BP170, BT70, CS6012, KD1700, KD5010, KD5050, KD530, KD5820, KDH130, KDH150, KDH170, KDH1U, KDM710, KDM730, KDM770, KDS530, KDS5530, KDS5550, KX1, KX70, KX70E, KX77, KX77CV, KX77U, KX90, KX90E, KXH1,

KXH1U, MODEL 153, MODEL 158,16858, 16859, BT70, CS6012, MODEL 153, MODEL 154, MODEL 158,NP55, NP66H, NP77, NP77H, VN300, VN310, VN330, VN340, VN360, VN400, VN500, VN550, VN700, VN7000, VN750, VN820, VN8200, VN830, VN840, VN850, VN860, VN870, VN900, VN9000, VN910, VN9100, VN9500, VN960,NP55, NP77H, VX43, VX54, VX806, VX81, VX82, VX82E,PVC480E, PVC840E, PVC860E, PVEM100E,16852, 16853, 23184, MODEL 151, MODEL 152, MODEL 153, MODEL 154,DRP2, NP55, NP77, NP99, R105, R108H, R16, R17, R17C, R18H, R200, R260, R600S, R610, R612, R615, R620, R630, R66, R67, R680, R800, R808H, R810, R830, R831, R850, R860, R861, R86S, R88, R88H, TF200, AC431001R, NBE60A, NBE70A, NC120N, SC14, SC20, SC25, SC30, SC350, SC803, SC915, SCA12, SCA14, SCA20, SCA23, SCA25, SCA30, SCA33, SCA35, SCA80, SCA85, SCH985, SCH996, SCK60, SCK70, SCK75, SCK80, SCK85, SCL100, SCL300, SCL330, SCL350, SCL800, SCX800, SCX800X, SCX803, SCX804, SCX854, SCX904, SCX904X, SCX915, SCX953, SCX954, SVH30, SVH33, VCE27N, VCH15N, VCH815, VP22, VP30, VP31, VP33, VP34, VPA20, VPA22, VPA30, VPA31, VPA33, VPA34, VPA50, VPA55, VPA57, VPA800, VPA850, VPL100, VPL300, VPL330, VPL350, VPL980,VEMH100, VEMS1, VEMS2, VM66, VMD1, VMD3, VMD5, VMD5P, VMD6, VMD66, VMD66P, VMD6P, VMD8P, VMES77, VMES88, VMES88P, VMES99, VMH100P, VMP5P, VMPS12, VMRZ1, VMRZ1A,52061, 53704, 53705, 53706, 53708, 53709, 53851, 53884, 53988, 55635, 55814, 55824, 55844, 58827, 58847, 58857,BT70, BT77, BTBH70U, BTBH85U, VL100UP, VL400, VLE30U, VLE32, VLE32U, VLE35U, VLE36, VLE40U, VLE42, VLE7E, VLE8E, VLH400U, VLH9E, VLHL100U, VLL40U, VLM6GY, VLM6SL, VLM6U, VLMS7SL, VLMX6, VLMX70, VLMX7GY, VLMX7U, VLN1U,FA114, FA118, FA122, FA126,C8100, CX7MU, NP55, NP55H, NP60D, NP60H, NP77, NP77H,BP150, BP1501, BP1502, BP1550, BP170, KD1700, KD5010, KD5050, KD5820, KDH130, KDH150, KDH170, KDM710, KDM770, KX35U, KX70, KX70E, KX77, KX90, KX90E, KX95, KX95U, KXH1,VAC8045, VAC8050, VAC906, VM8000, BNH619 This battery is equal or better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer product.

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