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Excell M504 15 volts NEDA 220 Single Battery replaces Eveready M504

SKU: 551504
Excell brand M504 15 volts NEDA 220 Single Battery replaces Eveready M504

Price: $11.99


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Item Specifications
# of Units:1
Unit Cost:11.99
Weight:0.0370 lbs.

Product Description

Eveready type Excell brand M504 15 volt Electronic and Photo application battery. Single battery. Alkaline chemistry. Length .63" x .59" width x 1.37" height. This is a cylinder, not the squarish shape of the original and wil not fit into the battery chamber of the Finco Model VM-30K; before you order make sure a cylinder of our dimensions will fit. Metric dimensions: Diameter 15.9 mm x height 34.9 mm. Eveready quit making this battery due to the decline in analogue test sets used by outside plant technicians. Duracell never made this battery back when they were a battery company. This Eveready M504 battery was in the storeroom of every telephone work center in the USA and Canada for (in the old days) analogue test equipment especially the Tripplett 310A Volt Ohm Meter, one of the best and treasured by cognoscenti. High praise to Exell for bringing back the old Eveready-type batteries!

Fits and replaces: Eberline 120 W10 Battery Lafayette Multimeter 9950718 Calrad Volt Meter 65-277 Jensen analog VOM 56B200 Triplett 310-J Type 4 Circa 1981 Eveready 504 PX504 Conrad Multi-Meter TK-501 KS16979 Vintage Antique Bell System Triplett Meter KS-16979-L1 Model 310 Triplett Model 310C OHM Meter BLR154 V74PX V 74 PX Lafayette multimeter 99-50841 Eberline SK-1 geiger counter amplifiers BA332/U Panasonic W10E Burgess Y10 GP 220A GP Varta 74 Pertrix 74 V74PX Kodak KA74 W10 TR149 Neda 220 ANSI 220 Triplett 310 1.5 Volt Triplett 310J Varta 74 Eveready No. 504 Neda 220 M504 10F15 W10 W10E V74PX Mallory M504 Everready 504 Simpson Midgetester model 355 multimeter Ricohmatic 126 NEDA 504 Triplett 310 VOM 30 Volt Triplett VOM 30 Volt Everyready 504 Olsen TE-197P Multimeter Micronta Multitester Volt/ohm multitester Patronic Volt/Ohm meter, Bang & Olufsen 2500,,Bang & Olufsen IEC10F15, Bang & Olufsen TR149, Exell Battery A220, IEC 10F15, Interstate Batteries ADRY1720, Triplett, Triplett Mulitmeter model 310, 310 Meter, Triplett 310 Meter, Military BA332U, Neda 220, NEDA 910M, Newark 03F7085, Panasonic W10E, Rayovac 220, Varta V74PX, 220, 504, E504, EV504, GP220, M/504, Y10 10F15, NEDA/220, 10F15, 220, 2500, 504, A220, BA332U, DRY1720 E504, GP220, IEC 10F15, M-504, TR149, V74PX NEDA-220.

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