MAXELL 370/371 SR920W 2 Packs of 5 Batteries

MAXELL 370/371 SR920W 2 Packs of 5 Batteries
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Superior Maxell 370/371 SR920W/SR920SW Micro Silver Oxide

370 and 371 are completely interchangeable with identical functionality

Superior Maxell Silver Oxide SR920W/SR920SW 2 Packs of 5 Batteries 370/371.

Do not use (inherently low performing) alkaline batteries in place of silver oxide in any timepiece.

Made in Japan
Genuine Maxell Hologram Anti-Counterfeit Packaging (other package is not genuine)
Dimensions 9.5mm Diameter x 2mm Height
1.55 volts 39 mAh
Mercury Free
The 370 SR920W is completely interchangeable with the 371 SR920SW
This is a primary non rechargeable disposable battery

The 370/371 is a long life silver oxide chemistry with non-declining power output; alkaline batteries of the same 1.5 voltage start at 1.5 and at the half life are at .8 volts, silver oxide start at 1.55 volts and maintain the voltage until expiring. This is why silver oxide batteries are always used in watches, insulin pumps and sniper scopes or mission critical situations. Never use alkaline batteries for any device requiring a steady constant voltage. A watch with declining voltage cannot give the correct time.

Fits and Replaces: This is from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute 2008 Edition Handbook "Battery Number System". This Battery is cross-referenced as: AWCI S21: Energizer 371/370, Energizer 370/371, Energizer MD371, Energizer MD370, UCAR 371/370, UCAR 370/371, UCAR MD371, UCAR MD370, Eveready 371/370, Eveready 370/371, Eveready MD371, Eveready MD370, Citizen 280-31, Duracell D371/D370, Duracell D370/D371, Mallory D371/D370, Mallory D370/D370, Gold-Peak GP71, Sylvia-cell GP71, Maxell SR920SW, Maxell SR920W, Panasonic SP371, Panasonic SR920SW, Panasonic SR920W, Rayovac 370, Rayovac 371, Rayovac RW413, Renata 371, Renata 370, Renata 30, Seiko SR/TR920SW, Seiko SR/TR920W, Seiko SB-AN, Sony SR920SW, Sony SR920W, Sony D1T, Energytec SR920SW, Energytec SR920W, Energytec D1T, Toshiba SR920SW, Toshiba SR920W, Toshiba D1T, Varta V371, Varta V370, Varta 537

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