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Quality discount batteries for your small electronic devices shipped fast by -

Supplying high-quality and low-priced batteries for practically all electronic devices, while shipping them fast Worldwide is a business that evolved over 36 years.

I started the business in 1974 selling computerized energy management systems during the first Mid-East attack on America with Pan American Airlines and Federated Department Stores as customers.

In 1984 I became a wholesale distributor for Duracell and Eveready based in Miami and selling in the nine states of the BellSouth area of Southeast USA.

Since 2002 batteryBob has become a leading Web and retail store supplier of discount-priced, high-quality batteries for electronic devices across the USA and worldwide.

We became the battery supply leader by working hard to offer:

  • fresh and quality small device and watch battery products,
  • low discount prices,
  • information about batteries and free watch battery installation instructions
  • excellent customer service,
  • free battery shipping in the US
  • fast shipping 7 days a week,
  • guaranteed battery product quality
  • accepting most forms of payment, by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PayPal as well as domestic checks
  • AND listening to our customers

Our bona fides & noteworthy battery customers:

  • Verizon
  • BellAtlantic
  • Nynex
  • BellSouth: Southern Bell & South Central Bell
  • SBC: Ameritech, Pac Bell, Nevada Bell
  • Qwest: US West
  • GTE Telephone Operating Company & GTE Supply
  • AT&T Broadband
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Federated Department Stores
  • Pan American Airways
  • Manufactured the SK56 and SK55 cable skinning knives - sold over 1 Million units
  • Supplying Comcast, Adelphia, Charter CATV and their contractors in Florida
  • Supplier to the film and entertainment industry in South Florida
  • Supplier to state-wide utility providers, construction industry and exporters

Member of the following Industry Organizations:

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
Miami-Dade Postal Customer Council, Executive Secretary

Awards and recognitions in the Consumer Electronics and Battery Industry:

  • 2005 - Award winning radio consumer electronics show In-To-Tomorrow with Dave Graveline, broadcast world wide via Armed Forces radio, Sirius (Ch 147) and XM (Ch 166) and a national network of AM and FM stations.
  • January 2006 - 3rd in the "Computer Shopper Magazine" on page 152. Magazine is the most comprehensive guide to today's technology
  • May 2006 "Memo To Mailers" from the USPS page 6 had a nice photo and article where I mention the great value small businesses get from the USPS.

Why is our small battery business different:

  • We are a family owned small business
  • We sell the best batteries for most electronic devices at great prices
  • We sell watch batteries (including free watch battery installation instructions)
  • Our customers love our great customer service.
  • Our small business size enables us to offer fast speed, focus on our customer's needs
  • We offer attentive personal service.
  • You will find shopping with us to be convenient, confidential and rewarding.

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